POP Street Kidz:
Sharing my passion for kids fashion & design with friends like you is something I have been doing socially since late 2009. What a thrill it was for me to find so many other Moms & Dads who also delight in dressing their kids with style and discovering new designers & boutiques!

I was originally inspired by my now 17yr old son, Jack, who at 5 entered Kindergarten labeled as a difficult student. He was in fact, difficult as we would later discover that he had epilepsy paired with a brain tumor and was experiencing seizures multiple times per day (staring episodes that appeared as daydreaming).

I was consistently told by his teachers that “if he wasn’t so cute it would be easier to discipline him” (he liked to throw things, had bursts of anger & did not pay attention in class) and the always “i look forward to seeing what he wears every day”. The mother bear or dark side of me quickly jumped on that bandwagon (what mom wouldn’t) and took full advantage of their comments. Stepping up his game, always making sure that he presented well-groomed and yes, stylish.

This method became his armor and also provided him with the extra attention he desperately needed back then. Some may call this wrong or sad that others would treat someone a certain way based on their appearance – I call it divine intervention and proof that like it or not, we as a human race are enamored by pretty things.

Now for him at 5 and with his medical condition, he didn’t quite get the daily compliments he was given so unfortunately we missed the boat on that early shot of self-esteem. For others, including my stepdaughter, Samantha, my stepson, Jacob & youngest son (you know him, Wynn) they do get it and in walks the age old saying of “when you look good, you feel good”.

Establishing self esteem at a young age is undoubtedly one of the most important tools you as their first teacher can teach them. And if you think style and being well groomed is expensive, a wasted resource for a child or the horror of “only girls can be pretty” then this blog is not the right fit for you, please exit to the right.

So there you have a small sliver of why I do what I do when it comes to kids fashion. Through this blog, I am excited to share with you our little world in the hopes that with every post written someone out there takes away a little bit of delicious, a laugh, a slice of inspiration, a new thought and of course many fabulous fashion & style finds that appeal to every budget level.

Thank you for joining me, I am thrilled to have you here and call you “friend”.

Shannon G.