In continuation with our Spring/Summer ’13 trend editorials, we present Shampoodle’s The Wonderland Collection!  But first, since we were without any knowledge of what fantastic inspiration was behind this extensive collection, we decided to pop on down the rabbit hole with Jakob & the gang at Shampoodle to try and figure this masterpiece out!

Satin pants & jackets, Snake print cardis & leggings along with a very strong late ’70’s rainbow vibe came over us and before we knew it we were singing “Can You Feel It” by the Jackson 5!  With no sign of any Alice in sight & upon further concentration of the vibrant melee of pinks, peaches, blues, oranges & yellows all swirled up together we were instantly transported to the sandy beaches of California ~ Hang Ten, Shaun Cassidy, Rollerderby, the movie Foxes & freedom!! This entire Wonderland Collection is in fact a wonderful   deja vu of a carefree, wild & adventurous childhood we once had ~ the kind where we literally lived off the wall with zero inhibitions about letting our original sense of style shine. There were no rules then and Shampoodle is bringing back the boogie for boys & girls everywhere!

Shampoodle continues to maintain their co-ed fashion forum with virtually every piece (minus skirts & 1pc swimsuits) made available to both genders equally.

Skating onto the scene, wide striped tees, skirts & pants echo Rollerderby uniforms of the past.  Simple yet right in line with what will be the style for Spring & Summer 2013.True to my midwestern heart and always appropriate during anytime of the year, Black ~ the color that balances it all (alongside white of course!) Mandarin collared shirts present a much more polished appearance yet at the same time unexpectedly casual. Loose-fitting harem-style pants have been on our style hit-list for months now & Shampoodle’s are not to be overlooked!

And here comes the rainbow…if you weren’t feeling this collection by now, slather up your lips with old-fashioned LipSmackers, start snapping those fingers and let’s all sing Lollipop Lollipop!

Now stop!! Two colors ~ Orange & Yellow.  Completely co-ed yet constantly being fed to us consumers as For Girls Only.  Break the cycle, kickstart the revolution and welcome these 2 colors into your son’s wardrobes this Summer.  If this is a new introduction, they will be thrilled to have more than just green or blue to choose from & if it’s old hat, then rock on fashion liberals!

Our trip thru Shampoodle’s Wonderland has now ended but the fun has just begun ~ Shampoodle is giving away TWO of their extremely versatile & oh so fabulous Plum Tracksuits!  Winners will choose their size from euro 90 thru 130, Enter below & Good Luck!

For more information & to few previous collections still available online, please visit Shampoodle’s website at

Written by Shannon Everett-Goldberg

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33 comments on “Down the Rabbit Hole with Shampoodle’s Wonderland!
  1. liz s says:

    I think this collection looks wonderful. All the textures! Those yellow swim sgorts and the satin track suit should definitely come home with us!

    • popstreetkidz says:

      Agreed Liz! shorter & slimmer cut swim trunks are definitely on tap for style this summer! we want the tracksuit in our size!

  2. Kelly says:

    I LOVE it!

    Shampoodle denim is on my list! Isaac wears skinny jeans 90% of the time, but I notice when it comes to hardcore playing, he has a hard time moving around/climbing in them. He would appreciate these.

    The tracksuits are PERFECT for the exact same reason, but also way too stylish to pass on.

    • popstreetkidz says:

      Shampoodle’s denim as well as all of their pieces, are extremely soft with a slim yet extremely moveable & comfy fit!

  3. You sure can feel it! Love the style, colors, WOW, so exciting and especially the way you put it, thanks for showing!

  4. Cathy L. says:

    Love the pants on the track suit!! Super cute! I really think I will have to pick up that silver track jacket tho! Ethan LOVES shiny silver!!!!

  5. Alexa says:

    I love the satin silver pants and the ORANGE! I love my little guys in orange, but to find it unadorned is rare. And those track suits…. stylish and comfy?! PERFECT.

  6. natasha mcgee says:

    OMgoshhhh I am in LOVE!!!All of it is amazing!!!The ourple track suit the snakeskin print

  7. malinda lattin says:

    Plum tracksuit, yellow shorts, and black mandarin collar top are my faves!

  8. Rachel says:

    Love the collection!

  9. Crystal says:

    Loving the yellow!!! That tracksuit is great too!!

  10. christie stankovic says:

    this is an amazing giveaway. love the alic ein wonderland themed look. love the colors. perfect style that doesnt need a ton of patterns or grahics all over. my boys would ldef rock this

  11. Maria Baker says:

    I think the wonderland style right now a lill to much for kids but in awesome style lol I love it.. love it n love it 🙂 So stylish n comfort and never update for many years. The color so vibrant n perfect for spring, summer even fall. I would like to add for my kiddos are tees, skirts & pants echo Rollerderby uniforms 🙂

  12. Kathleen Kiley says:

    The track suit pants are sooo cute! but I think my son may need a swim suit!

  13. Liza says:

    We had the sgt pepper jacket I bought it so big so it would lady he grew out of it awhile ago but it was my favorite piece . I love them.
    Love all pants. Want some yellow too!!

  14. Bethani Jackson says:

    Love the colors and how comfy, cozy yet chic they are!

  15. Shayna says:

    Love the track suits.. Comfy yet oh so cool!
    Shayna’s trunk

  16. esther says:

    the track suit is awsome, so comfy and cool!

  17. Rose says:

    Obsessed with the plum track suit!

  18. Kassie says:

    I LOVVVVE all the vibrant colors and the wonderland theme! For sure the clothes of the future. My daughter has a hard time moving around in jeans so I put leggings and soft skinny jeans on her alot! Theses would look amazing!

  19. Erin says:

    Oh I LOVE that plum track suit! Both my boys would be stylin’ and comfy.

  20. Kerri S says:

    Love the cheetah print, but I would probably add the grey stripe to their wardrobe!

  21. becky a says:

    I love the jacket with the off center zipper. The colors are fab!

  22. Jesi says:

    Love it all! But those orange pieces are amazing!!

  23. Samantha s says:

    LOVE! need The forest parka!

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