First Class Jetsetter in Appaman


It’s suit season and no we do not mean swim! With Summer comes loads of special parties and events so make sure you shop for the perfect fitting suit for your little man. Appaman’s Mod Suit is available in an array of colors, has a well tailored sleek fit and can be worn and re-worn over and over by styling it differently each time. appaman, boysfashion, wynnsworldFor this scene we have classically styled it with an essential white dress shirt (we love Crewcuts Thompson shirt), Appaman signature logo tie, added in freshly picked flowers for the chest pocket and allowed for super comfy Vans footwear. *providing they are clean & relatively new, sneakers are an okay choice for almost all events these days. appaman, boysfashion, suitsFor a less fancy affair, try this same suit with a solid or interesting (not tacky) graphic tee. And when casual cool is called upon, trade in the suit pants for raw denim jeans rolled up with a nice pair of wingtips (we love Crewcuts Classic Wingtips). appaman, vans, wynnsworldFor sizing reference, Wynn is 4’3 62lbs and is wearing size 8 Appaman perfectly. Do not buy big, do not size up, this is the number one taboo in the world of suit wearing. Suits should be sleek and well fitting and if you style it in more ways than one, a suit will end up being your best kids closet investment! 

Los Angeles, CA 



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