Here comes the chaos for AW16…Maison Chaos!

aw16, maisonchaos, swedenLaunching in August 2016 direct from Sweden comes Maison Chaos! Direct from their site and an answer to your sure to be inquiring mind as to who they are and what they represent:

“Every superhero needs a costume – a disguise to keep the secret identity secret.
This collection was made with this in mind. Made from the best possible materials
and techniques available to match extraordinary circumstances and adventures.
Providing freedom to move, durability and bold expressions and styles fit for
everyday heroes. Since superheroes naturally are the good guys, great care
have been taken to ensure that the garments were produced under fair and
sustainable conditions.”

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aw16, maisonchaos

sweden, kidsfashion

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maisonchaos, girlsfashion

“Maison Chaos garments are built to last, created for chaos and superheroes.”

Get excited for AW2016, the world of kids fashion just got a lot more thrilling! 

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