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Sicker than your average…

Sicker than your average…

#boysfashion, #slimshadyisme Street-smooth style in Baby Beast “Stop Copying Me” vneck for SS16; Laundry Tribe jersey pin tuck shirt; Rowen Christian skinny moto Brayden jogger for SS16; H&M faux leather biker jacket; Dr. Martens cherry red Delaney boots. boysfashion, wynngoldberg

boysfashion, #wynngoldberg

#boysfashion, #ss16Get hypnotized in boys fashion…click on their names to follow them on Instagram;





Downtown Los Angeles, CA

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Summer Punk Style

Summer Punk Style

wynn goldberg, boysfashionThe fastest way to inject serious style to any outfit is by adding in a blazer. Extremely versatile, much like the obsessive compulsive hoodie only better. La Miniatura plaid blazer with Arbii-Label black scissors bow tie; Nununu deconstructed skull tank; Baby Beast striped harem shorts. *Hair styling products by Glop & Glamwynngoldberg, fashionkids

wynngoldberg, boysfashion

wynngoldberg, boysfashion

arbiilabel, bowties, plaid

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Time for French Fashion by Bla Bla Monkey

Time for French Fashion by Bla Bla Monkey

“Like a comet in the universe”, Bla Bla Monkey is designed in France and made in Portugal of certified oeko-tex which is free from toxic particles. Designers Emily & Helena have set out to stake their position in the children’s fashion world as a cheeky, comfortable and easy to love brand for sizes 0 thru 10yr.blablamonkey, kidsfashion, babybeast, drmartens, laminiatura, noragray, raybanjuniorBla Bla Monkey Silex Sweat layered over La Miniatura tuxedo shirt, Nora Gray “wild horses” scarf, Baby Beast harem joggers, Popupshop panda socks, Dr. Marten boots.blablamonkey, boysfashion, babybeast, laminiatura, drmartens

blablamonkey, babybeast, drmartens, boysfashion, frenchfashion

blablamonkey, minirodini, laminiatura, boysfashion, florsheim, saddleshoes, goorinbrothers, fashionkidsBla Bla Monkey Bandana Shirt styled with Mini Rodini leather jacket, La Miniatura crayon denim, Florsheim Kennett Jr. shoes.blablamonkey, minirodini, laminiatura, boysfashion, frenchfashion

blablamonkey, minirodini, laminiatura, florsheim, saddleshoes, organic, boysfashionTo view and shop Bla Bla Monkey’s entire new Spring/Summer collection click here. Bla Bla Monkey is also socially active on Instagram under “teamblablamonkey” and on Facebook by clicking here

*For sizing reference, Wynn is wearing size 8yr in both pieces perfectly so if between sizes make sure you size up. 


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“We shall rise from the ashes”…Detroit represent with Baby Beast!

“We shall rise from the ashes”…Detroit represent with Baby Beast!

“Mix it. match it. layer it. style it. rock it. Every piece is made for that. Unleash the Beast. taken directly from the Baby Beast website and we could not agree more. If you don’t know their name by now then you’ve got some serious catching up to do within the kids fashion world.

Detroit-based and Los Angeles-made, designed by the amazingly talented Zack Issa & Taylor Hinds, Baby Beast exploded onto the scene last year with a serious game face for nothing less than success. Hard work, determination and extreme attention to quality fabrics, fits and cuts is what will continue to set Baby Beast apart and above the rest. This particular style pictorial is so close to our heart that we can’t help but add in some of our favorite quotes (and song lyrics) to what has become our favorite photo session to date.

babybeast, bluponyvintage, boysfashion, detroitrepresent, lilhomme, black“Every brick they threw at me I used to stand on.” Sean Combs. Wynn is wearing Baby Beast classic v-neck, striped harem shorts, Lil’ Homme socks & Lil’ Homme snapback paired with Dr. Marten brit camo boots (a gift to us from the lovely Rowen Christian Couture) & Blu Pony Vintage suspenders. 

babybeast, drmartens, detroitstyle, bluponyvintage, boysfashion, badboys“I just wanna say thanks ’cause your hate is what gave me this strength.” Marshall Mathers

babybeast, boysfashion“Softness is not weakness. It takes courage to stay delicate in a world this cruel.” Beau Taplin

babybeast, drmartens, docs, boysfashion, bluponyvintage, suspenders, camo, spikes“I’ve failed over and over again in my life, and that is why I succeed.” Michael Jordan

babybeast, boysfashion, drmartens, camo, bluponyvintage, streetstyle

babybeast, boysfashion, hollywood, sunsetboulevard, drmartens, bluponyvintage, detroit

babybeast, appaman, vans, boysfashion, cocopuffs“When all my faith has gone, you bring it back to me. You make it real for me.” James Morrison. Wynn is wearing Baby Beast Coco tee & harem joggers paired with Appaman mod blazer

babybeast, appaman, boysfashion, vans, raybanjunior, cocopuffs, nike“You see us how you want to see us – in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions.” The Breakfast Club

babybeast, appaman, vans, nike, boysfashion, hollywood

babybeast, appaman, blazers, boysfashion, detroitstyle

babybeast, sunsetboulevard, hollywood, appaman, vans, nike, boysfashion“My soul honors your soul…we are united. we are the same. we are one.” <Namaste>

babybeast, h&m, boysfashion, fashionkids“You gotta make your own way. You gotta find a way. You gotta get it done. It’s hard. It’s tough.” Spike Lee. Wynn is wearing Baby Beast classic white v-neck layered over an H&M button down, Baby Beast striped harem shorts layered over Baby Beast harem joggers, Primigi mocs. 

babybeast, h&m, boysfashion, primigi, detroitstyle, fashionkids

babybeast, h&m, boysfashion, fashionkids, hollywoodstyleFor more information and to shop Baby Beast now, please visit them here. They are also socially active on Instagram by clicking here and on Facebook by clicking here. Follow them for updates on new arrivals and special promotions. Baby Beast is also available at many fine retailers nationwide.

*For sizing reference, Wynn is wearing size 6 in Baby Beast perfectly.

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Welcome Spring Fashion with KHM Kids!

Today is officially the first day of Spring! We have more fashion to introduce to you along with another special surprise that is listed at the end of this pictorial. Our last one featured some of our favorite nature quotes, this one is extra special – we welcome you inside our inquisitive thoughts, our sometimes poisonous fears and our deeply dark hearts.

As for the fashion, if it did not meet Wynn’s standards of Cool, Calm & Collected, he would not be wearing it. So peruse with your own comfort in knowing that this very particular little boy loved this clothing from KHM Kids , in addition to the clothing of our previous editorial, so much that he easily enjoyed spending 4 hours of his day to show you how fabulous it truly is!

loudapparel, gardnerandthegang, drmartens“Your heart and my heart are very, very old friends”. Wynn is wearing Loud Apparel Ibis tee, Gardner and the Gang bolt leggings, Dr. Marten british camo canvas boots, Shampoodle black knit beanie.

loudapparel, gardnerandthegang, khmkids, boysfashion, drmartens

loudapparel, gardnerandthegang, boysfashion

“I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear”. Below Wynn is wearing Soft Gallery Silas Letters Sweatshirt,  Soft Gallery Gabriel Shorts, Popupshop Panda Socks, Dolce & Gabbana shoes.
softgallery, dolceandgabbana, popupshop

softgallery, khmkids

softgallery, boysfashion, khmkids

softgallery, khmkids

“You don’t get another chance, Life is no Nintendo game”. Gardner and the Gang Patsy Sweatshirt, Mini Rodini Rainbow Stripe Shorts,   Stinky McGee Checkered Suspenders, Baby Beast Lil’ Homme hat
gardnerandthegang, minirodini, stinkymcgee, boysfashion, babybeast

gardnerandthegang, minirodini, stinkymcgee, babybeast

“You’re mad, bonkers, off your head…but I’ll tell you a secret…all of the best people are”. Gardner and the Gang Sleeveless Hoodie, EFVVA Pop Art Shorts, Dr. Martens boots.
gardnerandthegang, efvva, drmartens

gardnerandthegang, khmkids

gardnerandthegang, khmkids, efvva, drmartens

“So come with me where dreams are born & time is never planned. Just think of happy things & your heart will fly on wings forever in Never Never land”. Wynn is wearing Loud Apparel Indigo Hoodie, Gardner and the Gang Bolt Leggings, classic black Vans.
loudapparel, gardnerandthegang, vans

loudapparel, gardnerandthegang, vans, boysfashion

loudapparel, gardnerandthegang, vans, boysfashion, khmkidsKHM Kids would like to offer all of our friends an exclusive 20% off discount! Just enter in code POPSTKIDZ at checkout once you’ve loaded up your cart with all of these fabulous designers and more! Click here to shop it now. 

Please follow KHM Kids on Instagram by clicking here for their latest pics, new arrivals & sales events! 


Shannon & Wynn


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Imagine Fashion 2015

Hiding the truth that a large portion of the US is currently covered in snow, we present a glimpse into what eventually all of the littles will have an opportunity to be wearing once the snow melts. Here in Los Angeles, the weather which is called “winter” has been mostly sunny & 75f degrees.

rowen christian, baby beast, dr. martens, la miniatura, boys fashion

Wynn is wearing Baby Beast “Lil Homme” hat & logo hightop crew socks, both part of their upcoming Fall 2015 collection; Baby Beast was born in Detroit and crafted in LA by Zack Issa whose creative endeavors in celebrity styling have taken him across the country in both the music & sports arenas. Baby Beast is aimed at providing gender-neutral apparel and is made to be styled, layered & rocked by all kids age 2-10yrs.
la miniatura

On top, La Miniatura for Spring 2015 Golden Yellow Bomber Jacket & super soft Constellation tee. From 2011, designer & project runway season 3 winner, Jeffrey Sebelia has never once fallen off his course of providing clothing to dress your kid with dignity. His designs continue to thrill us and are a welcome stand out in the crowd. “Fashion Forward” words that are regularly associated with La Miniatura is comparable to receiving an Oscar with every new collection. Forward is the only way for fashion to face. For sizing reference, Wynn is wearing size 8 in both tee and jacket perfectly yet with room to grow. 
rowen christian, baby beast, shopbabybeast, boys fashion

Rowen Christian Couture launched just last year yet has already been making major waves in the boys denim department. Supreme attention to detail and quality is what has been setting Rowen Christian apart from the rest. In addition, they have continued their efforts at providing a better life experience for sick children through donating a portion of each sale to Paul Newman-founded, Roundup River Ranch. Wynn is wearing their new for Spring 2015 Brayden Classic Short which is extremely soft with a very luxurious feel. For sizing reference, Wynn is wearing size 7 with the waist slightly adjusted (great feature!).
dr.martens, docs, camo, boots, babybeast, socks, boysfashion

Since day one…Dr. Martens (and Vans) have been on Wynn’s feet for a reason. They outlast every single one of his adventures and provide the level of comfort for his feet that he demands. For the Spring & Summer months, diehard fans can opt for canvas versus leather boots for the breathe ability factor. Wynn is wearing Dr. Martens Delaney in British Camo canvas.
la miniatura, rowen christian, baby beast, boys fashion, spring2015

la miniatura, shopbabybeast, babybeast, boysfashion

la miniatura

la miniatura, rowen christian, baby beast, boysfashion, jackets, tees, hats, shorts

We invite you to follow us on Instagram for more fashion inspiration for Spring & Fall 2015 by clicking here. In addition, all designers featured are also on Instagram and can be followed under the user names: Shopbabybeast, RowenChristian, LaMiniatura and DrMartensofficial.

If you are attending ENK Childrens Club in NYC March 1st-3rd, please be sure to stop by the booths of Baby Beast, La Miniatura & Rowen Christian for a complete look at their newest collections. 


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