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Stray Cat Strut…Welcome Back Knuckleheads Clothing!

Stray Cat Strut…Welcome Back Knuckleheads Clothing!

Returning to the scene of kids fashion is the beloved Knuckleheads Clothing! Originally launched in 2004 and a favorite among celebrity moms and dads for years, Knuckleheads is a direct nod to the era of cool. Rockabilly, Greaser, Punk, whatever label you want to attach, Knuckleheads is where it’s at! rockabilly, knuckleheads, oldschool, converse

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knuckleheads, boysfashionWynn is wearing size 9t in all Knuckleheads Clothing shirts. We have styled them with denim by H&M/Pants by Appaman/Shoes by Converse and Venettini. Shop them now thru this link. Knuckleheads is also active on social media, please follow them on instagram by clicking here

Los Angeles, CA 2016


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A Style Representative from California has The Good Ones!

The Good Ones Clothing was founded in Spring 2012 in Ft. Wayne, IN (aka Bricktown). They “exist to fulfill a pretty singular purpose: to create products celebrating the kids that light fireworks in our souls.” and yes of course we love that! We also are deeply infatuated with their devotion to music and their dizzying spin on rockabilly fashion for kids.thegoodones, laminiatura, boysfashionWynn is wearing The Good Ones’ Record Collector shirt & Haberdash II zip tie, which by the way is the coolest tie ever with it’s easy to wear zipper closure, paired with La Miniatura licorice denim.

thegoodones, naturino, laminiatura, boysfashion, rockabillyThe Good Ones not only produces cool to wear clothing but is also firmly rooted in the land of make-believe…they have a make-believe band, that plays in make-believe locations, and likes make-believe things. And their make-believe journeys serve as a muse to them. Their band is called The Final Hurrahs & consists of Adrian, Bullfrog, Franklin and Stuart (and their best friend Paulie). All of their packaging is done with cool twists and added adornments like pin-back buttons & backstage passes! We even received a CD of The Final Hurrahs and for make believe they really can rock out a good jam! thegoodones, boysfashionThe Good Ones World Tour Jacket is the perfect layer for us in Cali all year round. In addition to being fully reversible with a cool The Good Ones print on the inside, it’s super soft – not at all sticky like some nylon jackets are – and glides right on with a collar that can be popped up for cool, effortless style.

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thegoodones, boysfashion, boysties, rockabillystyle, rocknrollstyleIn addition to what some may call “on holiday” style with a button up and tie…this is every day wear for us, but for those of you that prefer a more casual, chill look then The Good Ones Everything is Good tee and Dreamer Shorts are your love connection. We styled them with old school striped socks, classic Converse low tops & Furious Kingston check flat cap. 

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thegoodones, boysfashion, oldschoolstyleFor more information and to shop The Good Ones entire Spring collection, please visit them online by clicking here. The Good Ones is also socially active so you can follow them for the latest news on Facebook here and on Instagram under “goodonesclothing”.

*for sizing reference, Wynn is 50″ tall & wearing size 5/6 perfectly. our music inspiration for this pictorial was “Holiday” by rock’n roll hall of famers, Green Day. 

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