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Back to School with KIDBOX

Back to School with KIDBOX

Skip the mall, skip the multiple online shopping sites and instead check out Kidbox! You enter in basic information about your child and the Kidbox teams does the rest by delivering straight to your door an anything BUT basic box full of custom selected designer clothing for your one and only kid!#originalpenguin, #kidbox, #boysfashionWynn is wearing an Original Penguin tee and slimfit chino pants, included in his personalized Kidbox! We paired this outfit with distressed grey denim Cienta slip ons for a classic cool look! 

originalpenguin, #boysfashion, #cientashoes, #cientaLayered in perfect Fall style with this plaid button down by Seven for all Mankind! Also included in Wynn’s Kidbox#kidbox, #boysfashion, #originalpenguin, #sevenforallmankindKidbox made a direct hit with this super comfy cool ensemble featuring a zip up hoodie by Reebok, Fender graphic tee by Lucky Brand and track pants by Diesel. We paired this outfit with Wynn’s Akid brand boots! #luckybrand, #kidbox, #reebok, #diesel, #akidbrandKidbox also takes it one step further by donating a brand new outfit to a child in need with every box purchased! How cool is that?!? Get on board with style and giving back! Check out Kidbox right now and let the style fun begin!

Los Angeles, CA

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Stadium Style for Girls!

Did you seriously think we would leave out the Girls when it comes to Stadium Style? Guest stylist, Katie Adams Reine has taken to the field of fashion with 2 quick picks for Girls Stadium Style in a snap!

Appaman’s Varsity Jacket in Sugar Plum is perfect when paired with equally hip Abercrombie jeggings, cool graphics tees & classically cool Vans sneaks! Clicking on either image will instantly transport you to all designer & purchasing information.

For those girls that prefer a little punk prep with a side of rock’n’roll ~ Katie has created the ultimate outfit in this Appaman Poppy Red blazer! Instantly chic and easily goes from classroom & beyond!

What’s your favorite Fall style for your littles?!? Join the conversation on our facebook page at

Written by Shannon Everett-Goldberg in collaboration with Katie Adams Reine


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The Breakfast Club 2012 Edition

It was 1985 and John Hughes took 5 barely-known, young actors & actresses and turned them into cult classic movie stars. Filmed in part at Glenbrook North High School in IL, he re-introduced the Jock, the Princess, the Freak, the Brain and the Rebel and put them under a microscope while they all served out a Saturday detention. Mr. Hughes made anyone that saw that movie realize that deep down, people are all the same. Similar to “You never know what time it is in someone else’s life” – one of my favorite quotes.

Taking inspiration from The Breakfast Club, come meet the styles that will go straight to the head of the class this school year!

The Freak or Kook ~ Ally Sheedy played this part perfectly! So misunderstood, but aren’t we all sometimes?

The Jock ~ Emilio Estevez was the best speciman for this stereotype and displayed perfectly what happens when boys are taught to be tough, not wimpy and never show their emotions.

The Rebel/Criminal ~ Shady, dark, long hair & tossled up clothing, Judd Nelson had the saunter & the swagger to pull off this role with ease. What happens when a child is constantly told they are a loser? they will amount to nothing? physically & mentally abused?

The Princess ~ Priviledged life, born into money, Molly Ringwald holds court in the library with poise & grace, however she quickly divulges that money doesn’t buy happiness.

The Brain/Nerd ~ Quirky, smart and 100% geek, Anthony Michael Hall showed us how even those that constantly succeed are held down by the stress of always being the best and the fear of failing.

Which stereotype of style will your Little become? Mix up their style, their wardrobes and give them the opportunity of finding it themselves. Go preppy one day and rebel the next! Always keep the outside world guessing at who is inside that gorgeous little boy or girl ~ don’t paper them with a label that might stick, let them experience all styles until they are ready to settle into the one that is 100% theirs.

Written by Shannon Everett-Goldberg

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