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Infantium Victoria Fall Fashion

Infantium Victoria Fall Fashion

The absolute best time of the year for fashion and style is quickly approaching. Fall fashion allows for layers upon layers, pops of fire based colors, chunky well loved, well worn boots, tattered yet sophisticated scarves and hats. Fall is by far our most favorite of all the seasons and even though we live in Los Angeles, we seek out the spaces that resemble it in appearance.

Our first looks come from a far away land, across the pond in Germany.

Infantium Victoria, founded 2014 by Julia Gaydina and Dinie van den Heuvel, specializes in the design of high-end organic and vegan fashion for kids.

Influenced by a deep fascination for romantic themes and nostalgia, Infantium Victoria offers a true alternative to mainstream fast-fashion – not only aesthetically but also ethically.

boys fashion, fall style, jumpsuits

germany, boys fashion, euro style, eurokids

Romantic hues of Fall. Lush hunter green velvet blazer by Infantium Victoria is an artistic interpretation of the beloved Chesterfield Sofa. It’s padded with organic kapok and lined with fine cotton poplin. This is the statement piece that will bring every Fall thru Winter outfit they wear to the forefront of style. boysfashion, eurostyle, kidsfashion, fashionkidsfashionkids, eurofashion, boysfashion

To explore their entire Fall/Winter collection, that includes unique fashion pieces for girls that you will not find anywhere else, simply click here

*Wynn is 4’8 for sizing reference he is wearing size 12 in the blazer and jumpsuit. For jumpsuit, we suggest a size down as it runs generous.


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The Flame of Fall Style with Bobo Choses from Shan & Toad

The Flame of Fall Style with Bobo Choses from Shan & Toad

After the fire of those sweltering Summer days, your little humans will be reaching for something soft and snuggly warm to combat those crispy cool fall days (and nights). European children’s fashion boutique, Shan and Toad has continued to thrill me year after year with their outstanding and positively stunning offering of fine fashion not to mention excellent customer service.

Our most recent Shan and Toad indulgence includes the AW15 collection from Bobo Choses aptly entitled, “The unknown mountain journey”. I’ll admit that I kinda like, actually love, when designers give their collection a name. To me it shows a direct connection between the team and their designs…a shared, new “family member” so to speak. And I am sure it is of no surprise that once again Bobo Choses excelled in the Fall fashion market with lightly done graphics, relaxed cut fits and per usual only the softest of fabrics. #wynngoldberg, #bobochoses, #shanandtoadBobo Choses Kangaroo sweatshirt $81; Bobo Choses Symbols trousers $87.25 styled with Scotch Shrunk tunnel scarf, Freebird military-inspired boots.  bobochoses, boysfashion, shanandtoad

shanandtoad, wynngoldberg, boysfashionBobo Choses fantasy cardigan $131.60, Bobo Choses symbols henley tee, styled with Rowen Christian brayden classic pants.

#wynngoldberg, #bobochoses, #rowenchristian, #boysfashion

#wynngoldberg, #boysfashion, #bobochoses, #shanandtoad

bobochoses, shanandtoad, rowenchristian

wynngoldberg, bobochoses, shanandtoad

wynngoldberg, bobochoses, shanandtoad


IMG_0751To shop new Autumn/Winter arrivals at Shan and Toad, click here. All past season fashion is also on sale making now a fantastic time to fill their closets with exquisite, high quality, timeless clothing. Follow them on Instagram by clicking here to keep up with new arrivals and special sales events. 

For sizing reference, Wynn is 4’2 and is wearing size 8/9 in all Bobo Choses items featured and size 7 in Rowen Christian. 


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Howling at Fall Style with Apple Baby Store

Howling at Fall Style with Apple Baby Store

Apple-baby was formed by a team of people who have a passion for fashion, love of family, and the will to find sustainable kids clothes and accessories for the apples-of-our-eyes, our children.  They seek products designed and made by artisans using as much organic materials as is practical.  Many products are handmade and all are made with sustainable processes. 

They only source clothes that are made from ultra soft fabrics or leather.  Trendy fashions and rare brands are cornerstones of their company.  They search long and hard so you can be assured of quality, value, and products that stand out in the crowd.”

wynngoldberg, frankandlu, crewcuts, popupshop, stylekids, kidsstylePopupshop Zebra baggy leggings $52 ~ styled with cardigan by Frank & Lu, essential white shirt by J. Crew, hat & tie by H&M.wynngoldberg, fashionkids, boysfashion, moikidz, drmartens, frankandluMoi Krummi long tee $52, Moi Glacier baggy pants $60 styled with cardigan by Frank & Lu, Dr. Marten boots. wynngoldberg, boysfashion, kidswithstyle, swag, instagramkids

wynngoldberg, harrypotterstyle, harrypotter, boysfashion, boysclothing

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wynngoldberg, boysfashion, kidsfashion, harempants

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wynngoldberg, boysfashion, howlingatnothing, kidsfashion, supra

wynngoldberg, harrypotter, kidsfashion, instagramstyle, instagramfamous, losangeles, californiastyleFor more information and to shop new season arrivals plus all past season arrivals that are now on sale, visit Apple-Baby by clicking here. Please follow them on Instagram here and on Facebook here

For sizing reference, Wynn is 4’2 and wearing size 7/8 in both Popupshop and Moi Kidz. 


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Surrender to sweatpants in style with Sweet Pants!

Formerly hailed as the enemy and every parents nightmare when their children refuse to wear anything but sweatpants. Granted not always an issue but for those occasions where sweatpants are simply too casual we have discovered a european designer that has completely redesigned the boring staple into a gorgeous work of fashion art and high style.
untitled12Sweet Pants produces stylish options for those that demand fleece including those rebellious adults. Suspender-attached, artful prints, loose or slim and always slinky soft (there is even a genuine, buttersoft leather version).

Untitled7From every kids per usual uniform of a tee and sweats, Sweet Pants has developed the perfect fit whether they prefer loose or slim and added a unique toggle drawstring closure.

To dress them up is as easy as pairing them with a well-tailored shirt, added accessories and since every outfit is always all about the shoes skip the sneakers and go for boots, loafers or even wingtips (yes, wingtips).

For Wynn we took his playground look of an American Apparel tank, Sweet Pants loose in bottle green and Dr. Martens up a notch by adding in a swanky button-up by Bobo Choses and glory printed scarf by Tale of Boy. Instant transformation and he is still in his beloved sweatpants!

Untitled10Sweet Pants black camouflage in slim are an easy target for creating a stylish look. Wynn wears Popupshop owl crew layered over a La Miniatura tuxedo shirt (looks fab without the crew too!), knitted beanie by Christys and Blundstone boots.






Untitled5For the true fashionisto, we added our Appaman snakeskin blazer. Would you have instantly noticed he was wearing sweatpants?!? Dressed up or left completely casual, Sweet Pants remain extremely stylish and comfortable. We fell in love with them back in March while at ENK in NYC, Sweet Pants shared the same space as the highly fashion-glamorous DSquared2.

Untitled6French fashion at it’s finest even when producing sweatpants, we are thoroughly impressed with Sweet Pants as is this little 1/3 Frenchman right here who has repeatedly requested to wear his regardless of the 90f heat we are having here in Los Angeles.

For sizing reference, Wynn is wearing size 6yr in camo slims & size 8yr in bottle green loose.

Written by Shannon Goldberg

Modeled by Wynn Goldberg

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Feeling Fall ~ “This is so LA” Style

Cool running mornings, toasty hot afternoons and supremely chilly nights….this is so LA. The ability to layer several of your favorite fashion pieces and wear them all together at once is what truly makes Fall the best season for showing off your preferred, personal style.
Untitled1On top of Mulholland, one of the best places for seeing the entire city as the sun goes down and the lights turn up, Wynn is wearing Bobo Choses AW14 pepper dyed LA shirt layered over an ESP No.1 mustard yellow & cream dip tank, Scotch Shrunk camo scarf, Bobo Choses AW14 distressed charcoal slim denim pants & baller red Converse high tops. Color and even pattern mixing has no boundaries when it comes to Fall…layer it up in any color combination & any patterns or prints. Fall is the perfect season for creativity!

Untitled9Bobo Choses SS14 apache fringe jacket layered over a Goat Milk NYC tank and L’Asticot striped scarf ~ accessories are everything so introduce them to your kids’ closets sooner vs later and they will wear them without even giving it a second thought. 

Untitled11Fully layered up with the addition of an Appaman AW14 leather jacket complete with faux fur collar (from the girls collection). Fur is making major style waves this Fall and not just for the girls. We are spotting fur draped over leather being worn on the streets of LA on a daily basis and we love it! 



Untitled6For outfit inspiration and where to find these or similar pieces, click on the image below to be instantly transported. 


Our next Feeling Fall style will include layering for those that live in Brrr….Chicago, you’re whose got next! 

Written by Shannon Goldberg

Modeled by Wynn Goldberg

*Our favorite online resource for getting our Bobo Choses fix is Shan and Toad, please visit them here. For sizing reference, Wynn is wearing 6/7 in the LA shirt; 8/9 in the Apache Jacket & 8/9 in the denim slim pants. 


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Feeling Fall Style ~ Bit’z Kids + Exclusive Promo

It’s true that we may live in Los Angeles now vs the frigid Midwest, but that doesn’t change what has been permanently embedded into our heads as to what Fall means or how it feels. Fall is the awakening of all four seasons. It is the most colorful, the most enchanted and by far the absolute best season for fashion. Adjusting our sails to accomodate for chilly mornings, hot afternoons & cool nights is easy when your closet is fully fashion armed like Wynn’s (yes, he has three times as many clothes as I do).
Untitled11New for Fall is this reversible satin jacket by Bit’z Kids. We first spied this lovely back in March during the ENK show in NYC and instantly fell in love with it’s vintage vibe. Olive green with ferocious tigers on one side and solid red on the reverse. This jacket even comes with an iron on skeleton patch that we will be placing on the red side! This is the perfect topper over a smooth white short sleeve button down by Knuckleheads (The Boys Store), Noro suspender shorts (Shan and Toad) and our favorite brogue boots (Next). Add in a tie for extra flavor, this one is from Crewcuts. We have also become quite partial to crew socks (we have a bit of an addiction to socks) and these which we are thrilled with are from Stride Rite (Amazon).



Untitled12So, even though we no longer live where we will need excessive layers, hefty down jackets & earmuffs ~ we can still emulate the fall style we know and love. Our fashion color choices will grow darker and more rich in color as we reminisce of our Midwest roots. 

As a special treat for our Pop Street Kidz friends you can now save 20% off all new arrivals at Bit’z Kids with code POP20OFF14FALL beginning September 18th thru September 30th. If you love this jacket as much as we do or the numerous plaid skinny pants Bit’z just added to their site, we suggest you order sooner than later. 

Written by Shannon Goldberg

For sizing reference, Wynn is wearing size 6/7 perfectly in this Bit’z Kids jacket


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Hey Hey What…Rockstar Style!

We all secretly want to be rockstars…admit it. The glorious stage, the screaming fans, VIP parties and of course having your own personal stylist and makeup artist. Living vicariously through Wynn, we present Rockstar Style for Boys (or girls because these looks are 100% co-ed friendly). It’s also important to offer various fashion and style choices to the young bloods so you are not mistakenly papering them with a label they may not adhere to. “Fashion is and always has been Art”, one of my favorite quotes and so very true.Untitled65Repping Billy Idol, Wynn wears Vicious Wear AW14 faux leather jacket, Pop Kids “the wild one” tee, Rowen Christian Couture brayden straight denim, Tale of Boy glory scarf & Dr. Martens union jack boots.


Untitled64Punked up colors for Fall, Wynn wears The Brand faux leather skull sweatshirt, La Miniatura red crayon denim, Converse yellow hightops from Sportie LA



Untitled61Music is the heartbeat of the soul. Wynn wears the exclusive Black Wagon “Music Heals” tee in which 100% of the proceeds benefits the MyMusicRx program. MyMusicRx delivers the healing power of music to seriously ill kids and teens in hospitals across the nation. Paired with Appaman AW14 alligator print prospect pants, Appaman studded belt, Tale of Boy glory scarf & Primigi silver loafers.



Untitled70What’s your rockstar style?!? Feel free to share it with us on our facebook or tag us on your instagram! 

Written by Shannon Goldberg

Modeled by Wynn Goldberg (undercover rockstar)


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Higher Trend Fashion by Kipp Collection

Recently launched, Brooklyn-based Kipp Collection is an all exclusive childrens wear brand featuring high end fashion for the younger set. Hip, smart and sophisticated yet not overly fancy. Kipp has set out to satisfy those with a serious taste for fashion and style. Comfortable tailored cuts, highly saturated dyes and smooth, soft fabrics have us completely enthralled for Fall.


Untitled7Wynn is wearing Kipp Collection maroon Plaid Shirt, olive Slim Suede Pants, olive Double Breast Cardigan and shoes by Primigi.

kipp3The maroon plaid shirt is light and airy making it a perfect layering piece regardless of what temperature zone you reside in. Escaping from the per usual boring cardigans, Kipp Collection has produced several fashion forward versions for Fall. We absolutely love the interesting addition of a second flap across the one Wynn is wearing. Their slim suede pants are designed with a slightly higher front rise than most “current trend” pants for boys making them present as a more traditional yet still very modern look.



Untitled5Kipp Collection can currently be found across the US & abroad with their own online shopping site launching soon. A partial list of their current US-based retailers is listed below.

Written by Shannon Goldberg

Modeled by Wynn Goldberg on location at the old Los Angeles zoo inside Griffith Park. *for sizing reference, Wynn is wearing size 7 in both top and cardigan and size 6x in pants.

4inarow copy (1)

IMG-20140717-WA0032Kipp Collection can be found at the following retailers:                                                                                                                                                                   
Babylicious, NY
Young Timers, NY
Royal Kids, NJ
Little Women, NJ
Sparkles and Suspenders, CA
Belle Bambini, Maryland
Lillian Roland, Florida


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The Liberty Collection by Shampoodle – Only Heroes Need Apply!

With every new collection that Shampoodle of Sweden launches, there is a direct focus on creating inspiration for all those that wear it. The same holds true for their newest adventure, The Liberty Collection. Every day heroes are represented as super girls, wind surfers, ghost hunters, royal rebels, punk rockers & more. In this rendition of our Feeling Fall – Style Inspiration series, we present Shampoodle’s plaid Punk Pants & Teen Knit Sweater.


Those that know us & know us well, are not surprised to see us take Wynn into full blown punk rebel mode with these super skinny rockers. Comprised of 93% cotton 7% elastane (which is your best friend by the way), these pants are smooth, ultra sleek and above all completely comfortable. Zero complaints from the boss wearing them, so much that he wasn’t too keen on taking them off.


We are old friends with this particular plaid, Shampoodle had introduced them in a previous collection & they were then called “vicious pants” with a bit of a looser fit. Signature Shampoodle visible button fly & slant front pockets keep these pants edgy and unlike any others you will find.


Shampoodle’s smells like teen spirit, striped Knit Sweater is undeniably at the top of the classic list. Timeless in stripes. This is the sweater that years from now will still be in style and with a nod to the outstanding quality Shampoodle maintains, it will still look fresh, feel soft and wear impeccably well.


To layer or not to layer, completely based on your personal preference. We chose not to layer since there is nothing scratchy to find here – carry on.


Because we know not everyone has a rock & roll heart and may prefer preppy over punk, we switched out Wynn’s outfit to a faux-layered hoodie, cord vest & brown brogue boots proving that Shampoodle’s Punk Pants are a chameleon in style.

We encourage you to view Shampoodle’s entire Liberty Collection on their website at and before you check out our friends have given us an exclusive FREE SHIPPING code to share with you!

Enter in POPB87G3 valid now thru 11/12.  Shampoodle runs true to size & most items are 100% organic cotton and also available in Adult sizes which means you can experience the fashion of Shampoodle too!

Written by Shannon Goldberg

Photography by Samantha Goldberg/Modeled by Wynn Goldberg

*in addition to Shampoodle, Punk Rebel wears H&M biker jacket & beanie, Zara vest, Addaboy crowd pleaser tee & Dr. Martens. Kurt Cobain Jr. wears Bobo Choses trousers & suspenders, Appaman hat, Coco Jumbo boots. Prep-schooler wears Zara faux-layered hoodie, Sudo cord vest & Next brogue boots.


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A New Day Has Come – Welcome to POP Street Kidz!


Welcome to the very first post of our newly updated POP Street Kidz Fashion & Lifestyle blog.  It seems fitting to use this guinea pig as an official introduction to who we are, what we stand for and of course the road that led us here. If you haven’t already read the About Us portion, please take a minute to do so. It will quickly catch you up as to where the inspiration & admiration of kids fashion originated from.

Each of us has a story and I am thrilled to finally be given the proper platform to share mine with you. Sprinkled between various posts on the kids fashion boutiques & designers that I love will be small slices of our personal lives. When I refer to “our” I am referencing my family. Most were unaware that I do in fact possess 4 children, quite understandable when my youngest, Wynn is whom you have seen most often. My husband, Scott & I have the atypical “His, Mine & Ours” with him having a now 21yr old son & 17yr old daughter. I have a 17yr old son and together we adopted Wynn at birth after a single failed attempt at trying to conceive on our own.


Next month is considered National Adoption Month & I am looking forward to sharing our adoption experience with you at that time. Maybe you have considered adopting, maybe you already have? Either way, I can tell you that it was the most wonderful decision we have ever made and Wynn’s adoption came 7 months after my oldest son had brain surgery to remove a frontal lobe tumor. To say that Wynn is our rainbow after the hurricane, is by far the most accurate descriptive statement ever. Divine intervention, because this girl here has zero belief in luck, yet another post I am truly looking forward to sharing with you – having faith regardless of your chosen or not chosen religious beliefs.


I have been blogging kids fashion for almost 4yrs now, yet I am painfully aware that some of you had not known I had existed (I didn’t know you did either so we’re even).  One thing I do know is that I have a sincere love of all things pretty, and no not pretty for girls only – for boys just the same.  I have had the exciting, sometimes eye-rolling experience in helping, watching & somewhat influencing my stepson (from age 8), my stepdaughter (from age 4), my 17yr old (since birth, duh) and now Wynn in their fashion & style choices.

It’s no different than watching a caterpillar morph into a beautiful butterfly.  They twist, turn, wrap themselves up, put on a grim face and then spread their wet little wings, finally settling in to what they were meant to be.  Fashion is a way to encourage originality, self-esteem and above all to send out a message to the eyes of the world – I am who I am, like me or don’t like me – either way I’m good, I’m happy and I’m me.  And as stated previously in the About Us section, if you do not feel children are worthy of being stylish, think only girls can be fancy or are under the impression that having fashion & style means also having a fat wallet, then thank you for reaching out however we are not a good fit so please exit to the right.

Coming up, we will be continuing our Feeling Fall – Style Inspiration series with the fantastic designer, Shampoodle of Sweden! Thank you for being here with us, we hope you enjoy the ride as much as we will.


Shannon Goldberg

*Wynn wears Frank & Lu olive peacoat, Mini & Maximus yellow frenchie tee, Zara red cardigan, Mini & Maximus duh pants, UMI brown leather boots.


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