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Tales from Instagram Land

We sure do miss our Tumblr account, it is there where we used to be able to share all of our instagram shots with the entire world. Since it was shut down we have decided to start a new weekly series entitled, “Tales from Instagram Land” for everyone that may not have access to Instagram (or has filtered internet like several of our international friends).

duke of london, SONS

Coming up tomorrow, the newest collection from Duke of London launches. Be prepared for SONS to make some major thunder and yes you will want every piece!

gap, gap kids, la miniatura, vans

Saturdays were made for dancing! Wynn started his first Jazz class today and loved it! He stayed comfy cool in his Gap Kids hoodie, La Miniatura ombre slub sweats & classic Vans.

la miniatura, rowen christian, new balance, boysfashion

Friday school style in La Miniatura plaid sherpa blazer, La Miniatura printed oxford, Rowen Christian slim denim & New Balance.

appaman, pitbull, boysfashion, newyork, primigi

Our Throwback Thursday with Wynn & his friend Louie. I Love NYC tee direct from an NYC street vendor, Appaman mod suit pants, Primigi loafers, RayBan Jr. aviators.

mini & maximus, shampoodle, dr.martens, boysfashion

Mornings in LA are cool! Mini & Maximus crew sweat, Shampoodle denim, Dr. Martens & jacket by Nordstrom.

good ideas

bobo choses, la miniatura, naturino, boysfashion

The better you dress the worse you can behave. School days in Bobo Choses, La Miniatura & Naturino monk strap shoes.

zara, haas, h&m, la miniatura, boys fashion

Encounters with Costco for the first time. La Miniatura checked jacket, Zara Liberty tee, Haas T sweats, H&M hightops, hat by Knuckleheads, Dagger necklace by Cesare Paciotti.

la miniatura, malibu, boysfashion

Malibu style in La Miniatura dip dye plaid & La Miniatura dip dye seersucker.

amiki children, plaid, flannel, pajamas

An excellent night’s sleep compliments of supersoft plaid flannel pajamas by Amiki Children.

Have a wonderful new week! Explore a new style on your own kids – Punk one day, Preppy the next! 

Shannon & Wynn Goldberg

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Are you ready for some football? How about just Stadium Style for Boys? These quick picks lay the foundation for any stylish boys Fall wardrobe in a snap!

Varsity style jackets are the it jacket of the Fall season! From Ralph Lauren, Appaman & Joe Fresh ~ for any budget & any color preference. For edge of the bleacher seats style, add in a bold printed scarf & don’t forget the chunky knit slouch beanie!

Stripes! timeless, classic & always in style. Forget the tees and go straight for cozy knit sweaters like Shampoodle, Toobydoo & Antony Morato. Sweaters always provide a much more polished look and can easily go from casual to dressy with the addition of any blazer!

Skinny jeans for boys, and we mean all boys. Check the fabric content, if it contains lycra or any form of stretch, regardless of your son’s body type he will be good to go! Gap has re-introduced their 1969 denim with a surprisingly great skinny jean! H&M is your wallet’s best friend and Polarn O. Pyret has always had the sleekiest, easiest to wear skinny denim. When selecting jeans for your boys this Fall, go dark! Dark wash, and even distressed dark wash, can go from school yard to out to dinner without even flinching.

Ahh the shoes of Fall – hello again! For those of you that have never purchased boots like these for your boys we urge you to give them the ol’ college try! From fancy brogue tip to shiny black patent (or red) – these will not only last all Fall/Winter long but your son will be thrilled with how they make him just a wee bit taller!

Let us know if you need purchasing assistance by joining us on our Facebook page at & don’t forget to check us out on Instagram and Tumblr for even more Fall style finds!

Written by Shannon Everett-Goldberg


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The Breakfast Club 2012 Edition

It was 1985 and John Hughes took 5 barely-known, young actors & actresses and turned them into cult classic movie stars. Filmed in part at Glenbrook North High School in IL, he re-introduced the Jock, the Princess, the Freak, the Brain and the Rebel and put them under a microscope while they all served out a Saturday detention. Mr. Hughes made anyone that saw that movie realize that deep down, people are all the same. Similar to “You never know what time it is in someone else’s life” – one of my favorite quotes.

Taking inspiration from The Breakfast Club, come meet the styles that will go straight to the head of the class this school year!

The Freak or Kook ~ Ally Sheedy played this part perfectly! So misunderstood, but aren’t we all sometimes?

The Jock ~ Emilio Estevez was the best speciman for this stereotype and displayed perfectly what happens when boys are taught to be tough, not wimpy and never show their emotions.

The Rebel/Criminal ~ Shady, dark, long hair & tossled up clothing, Judd Nelson had the saunter & the swagger to pull off this role with ease. What happens when a child is constantly told they are a loser? they will amount to nothing? physically & mentally abused?

The Princess ~ Priviledged life, born into money, Molly Ringwald holds court in the library with poise & grace, however she quickly divulges that money doesn’t buy happiness.

The Brain/Nerd ~ Quirky, smart and 100% geek, Anthony Michael Hall showed us how even those that constantly succeed are held down by the stress of always being the best and the fear of failing.

Which stereotype of style will your Little become? Mix up their style, their wardrobes and give them the opportunity of finding it themselves. Go preppy one day and rebel the next! Always keep the outside world guessing at who is inside that gorgeous little boy or girl ~ don’t paper them with a label that might stick, let them experience all styles until they are ready to settle into the one that is 100% theirs.

Written by Shannon Everett-Goldberg

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