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Summer Punk Style

Summer Punk Style

wynn goldberg, boysfashionThe fastest way to inject serious style to any outfit is by adding in a blazer. Extremely versatile, much like the obsessive compulsive hoodie only better. La Miniatura plaid blazer with Arbii-Label black scissors bow tie; Nununu deconstructed skull tank; Baby Beast striped harem shorts. *Hair styling products by Glop & Glamwynngoldberg, fashionkids

wynngoldberg, boysfashion

wynngoldberg, boysfashion

arbiilabel, bowties, plaid

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Stand Out Style ~ Sending out an SOS to an Instagram Sensation!

Just featured in NY Mag as well as on several other style blogs;  Mr. Alonso Mateo (Mateo) had stolen our hearts well over a year ago when we first caught a glimpse of him and his mad props style on Instagram.  Mom, Luisa has obviously dressed him with impeccable style from birth and it shows in his photogenic confidence, smooth poses & carefree looks. She herself, along with his father, has incredible fashion taste and phenomenal style.

As a fashion blogger, I have the pleasure of seeing many little Mateos (and girls too!) posted on our Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. The world is actually full of little fashionistos & fashionistas, and those that are actually involved in fashion see them regularly. Individuals who are not familiar with the latest trends, hottest fashion, current style icons, the list goes on, simply do not and thus feel inclined to make unnecessary and very negative comments.  Individuals have made unwelcomed remarks on punk style, certain designer’s graphic choices, boys wearing pink, girls wearing boys clothing, again we can go on all day about this. The reality is that children like Mateo, are children ~ all the same, not a single speck of difference can be found.  Mateo, along with several kids I know including my own son, enjoys looking stylish and well-groomed.  We have said forever on POP Street Kidz: “When you look good, you feel good” and that is a 100% completely true statement.

You like to wear socks with your sandals, I like to wear ripped jeans, your neighbor foregoes buying new clothes (shopping only at garage sales) so she can go on multiple vacations, the postal carrier owns 3 pairs of shoes & you own 20. We can attempt to compare and judge people or we can recognize that everyone is different and that’s okay.

We happen to admire Mateo’s style and have re-created a few of what have now become some of his “signature looks” on Instagram.  By clicking on any of these images, you will access our POP Style Sensations board on Pinterest; from there click on the image and all designer/purchasing information can be found.

To achieve great style like Mateo’s when dressing your own kids try these few tips for instant success! The #1 Styling Tip and the #1 fashion fauxpaux that we have seen parents commit is Fit. Fit is the key to how anything you buy (even for yourself) will look once it’s on your child’s (or yours) body. Too baggy, too bulky, too long, too short, too tight – take the time to measure your child properly if ordering online. If in-store have them try the clothing on before you buy it, just because they are 5 years old does not mean they wear a size 5. As difficult as it may seem, forego the age old theory of “growing into it” ~ this rarely happens, they end up drowning in baggy tees and by the time it does fit the tee has seen its better days. The same goes for their pants/shorts ~ adjustable waistbands are every Mom/Dad’s best friend, however make sure the rest of the garment isn’t overly-baggy or dreadfully long! Rolling up the hem one time is fine, letting them drag on the ground is sloppy and also a tripping hazard. The opposite is true with items being too small – if they raise their arms and flash the world with their baby bellies, then yep it’s too short. On pants, have them sit down – if a flash flood alarm goes off then they’re too short.

#2 Styling Tip is quality over quantity! I personally would much rather purchase 5 better quality shirts over 20 cheaply made ones. Check the labels and seeing “100% cotton” is not enough, if it doesn’t feel soft even prior to washing then chances are it won’t be after either. It’s also well known that quality does exist in clothing and it also lasts much longer than it’s less expensive counterparts. In addition, if you are in the practice of re-selling your kids outgrown clothing, higher-end & overall great quality designers produce a much larger return on your “investment”.

#3 – it’s all about the shoes! If you are attempting to stick your Little’s feet into something that is too tight, too wide, too small and overall just uncomfortable then of course they won’t want to wear anything but sneakers! Several designers produce top notch, high quality & very comfortable footwear for kids. Break the “tee shorts sneaks” cycle by introducing them to a pair of cool Minnetonka mocs, bangin’ lace-up boots or buttery-soft loafers!  Switch up their footwear so they are all worn equally. With sites like and numerous flash sale sites, having higher-end quality footwear is attainable to everyone. On the sizing, Stride Rite recommends a thumbnail from the big toe to the tip/end of the shoe to allow for growing room; also squeeze both sides across the top of their foot to make sure their is give and freedom of movement.

Styling Tip #4 – let them choose what they want to wear, but with guidance. Offering styling assistance to your kids just like you would to a friend, can be a fun experience for both of you!  If they feel like being a pirate on any given day, help them achieve it ~ but with style and don’t forget to throw in some cool accessories along the way! Several retailers carry kid-sized jewelry & shades!

Our final Styling Tip which should already be a given is Hair ~ whether it’s long, short or curly, keep it clean & especially before taking photos give it a nice brush or comb through. For added fun & style, test out a few kids hair products like Glop and Glam or Tangled Tantrum! Spikey one day, slick & smooth the next!

We would love to see your stylish Littles and also love to hear any of your Styling Tips!  Please share them on our FB page at or tag us on Instagram with #popstreetkidz. As for Alonso Mateo, there you have it, just a regular 5yr old boy following in his well-dressed & extremely stylish parents’ footsteps. We cannot think of any 2 more perfect role models for a child to have other than their mom & dad.

Written by Shannon Everett-Goldberg



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