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Infantium Victoria Fall Fashion

Infantium Victoria Fall Fashion

The absolute best time of the year for fashion and style is quickly approaching. Fall fashion allows for layers upon layers, pops of fire based colors, chunky well loved, well worn boots, tattered yet sophisticated scarves and hats. Fall is by far our most favorite of all the seasons and even though we live in Los Angeles, we seek out the spaces that resemble it in appearance.

Our first looks come from a far away land, across the pond in Germany.

Infantium Victoria, founded 2014 by Julia Gaydina and Dinie van den Heuvel, specializes in the design of high-end organic and vegan fashion for kids.

Influenced by a deep fascination for romantic themes and nostalgia, Infantium Victoria offers a true alternative to mainstream fast-fashion – not only aesthetically but also ethically.

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Romantic hues of Fall. Lush hunter green velvet blazer by Infantium Victoria is an artistic interpretation of the beloved Chesterfield Sofa. It’s padded with organic kapok and lined with fine cotton poplin. This is the statement piece that will bring every Fall thru Winter outfit they wear to the forefront of style. boysfashion, eurostyle, kidsfashion, fashionkidsfashionkids, eurofashion, boysfashion

To explore their entire Fall/Winter collection, that includes unique fashion pieces for girls that you will not find anywhere else, simply click here

*Wynn is 4’8 for sizing reference he is wearing size 12 in the blazer and jumpsuit. For jumpsuit, we suggest a size down as it runs generous.


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Higher Trend Fashion by Kipp Collection

Recently launched, Brooklyn-based Kipp Collection is an all exclusive childrens wear brand featuring high end fashion for the younger set. Hip, smart and sophisticated yet not overly fancy. Kipp has set out to satisfy those with a serious taste for fashion and style. Comfortable tailored cuts, highly saturated dyes and smooth, soft fabrics have us completely enthralled for Fall.


Untitled7Wynn is wearing Kipp Collection maroon Plaid Shirt, olive Slim Suede Pants, olive Double Breast Cardigan and shoes by Primigi.

kipp3The maroon plaid shirt is light and airy making it a perfect layering piece regardless of what temperature zone you reside in. Escaping from the per usual boring cardigans, Kipp Collection has produced several fashion forward versions for Fall. We absolutely love the interesting addition of a second flap across the one Wynn is wearing. Their slim suede pants are designed with a slightly higher front rise than most “current trend” pants for boys making them present as a more traditional yet still very modern look.



Untitled5Kipp Collection can currently be found across the US & abroad with their own online shopping site launching soon. A partial list of their current US-based retailers is listed below.

Written by Shannon Goldberg

Modeled by Wynn Goldberg on location at the old Los Angeles zoo inside Griffith Park. *for sizing reference, Wynn is wearing size 7 in both top and cardigan and size 6x in pants.

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IMG-20140717-WA0032Kipp Collection can be found at the following retailers:                                                                                                                                                                   
Babylicious, NY
Young Timers, NY
Royal Kids, NJ
Little Women, NJ
Sparkles and Suspenders, CA
Belle Bambini, Maryland
Lillian Roland, Florida


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Fresh for Fall – Vnecks by Frank & Lu + Giveaway!

We adore the V-neck tee, especially on boys ~ so refined and so not ordinary! While in NYC last weekend we had the fantastic opportunity of meeting up with the designers behind Frank & Lu. They were quick to point out that 100% of their inspiration comes from Frank (7) and Lu (5) – as in years old and the namesakes behind well, the name! Based in NYC, Frank & Lu’s designs also stem directly from the city itself and all it has to offer. Frank & Lu’s dad, Michael takes cue from them & then uses his extensive design skills to put the fashion into action.

Every item that Frank & Lu produces is meticulously tailored and presented in only the softest, easiest to wear fabrics. Cool, Calm & Collected ~ yep, just like how my own son, Wynn likes it! We were gifted with their black V-neck which with one touch became instantly reminiscent of an old favorite tee. Sleek fitting yet not too slim to accomodate every body type effortlessly.

In visiting Frank & Lu’s decked out booth at Playtime, I was instantly drawn to their Reversible Bomber jacket ~ it reeks of classic cool even on a hanger and as seen on Frank below, it’s even more bangin’ when worn. The rad peeps at Frank & Lu were kind enough to pass my way two of their ultimately soft V-neck tees to share with two lucky winners!

Enter thru the Rafflecopter widget listed below and go ahead & tell your friends! Ends on Wednesday, August 14th at midnight CST.

For more information & to shop Frank & Lu, please visit them at and if you’re kind enough to also follow them on Instagram tell them we sent you because that’s how they do things in New York (tag us @popstreetkidz on any of their pics).

Written by Shannon Everett-Goldberg

*Wynn is wearing Frank & Lu v-neck in black; styled with Appaman’s Mod Suit in Mist, green Dr. Marten kicks, “bobby” sunglasses by Sons+Daughters, hat compliments of King Baby Studio.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Stand Out Style ~ Sending out an SOS to an Instagram Sensation!

Just featured in NY Mag as well as on several other style blogs;  Mr. Alonso Mateo (Mateo) had stolen our hearts well over a year ago when we first caught a glimpse of him and his mad props style on Instagram.  Mom, Luisa has obviously dressed him with impeccable style from birth and it shows in his photogenic confidence, smooth poses & carefree looks. She herself, along with his father, has incredible fashion taste and phenomenal style.

As a fashion blogger, I have the pleasure of seeing many little Mateos (and girls too!) posted on our Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. The world is actually full of little fashionistos & fashionistas, and those that are actually involved in fashion see them regularly. Individuals who are not familiar with the latest trends, hottest fashion, current style icons, the list goes on, simply do not and thus feel inclined to make unnecessary and very negative comments.  Individuals have made unwelcomed remarks on punk style, certain designer’s graphic choices, boys wearing pink, girls wearing boys clothing, again we can go on all day about this. The reality is that children like Mateo, are children ~ all the same, not a single speck of difference can be found.  Mateo, along with several kids I know including my own son, enjoys looking stylish and well-groomed.  We have said forever on POP Street Kidz: “When you look good, you feel good” and that is a 100% completely true statement.

You like to wear socks with your sandals, I like to wear ripped jeans, your neighbor foregoes buying new clothes (shopping only at garage sales) so she can go on multiple vacations, the postal carrier owns 3 pairs of shoes & you own 20. We can attempt to compare and judge people or we can recognize that everyone is different and that’s okay.

We happen to admire Mateo’s style and have re-created a few of what have now become some of his “signature looks” on Instagram.  By clicking on any of these images, you will access our POP Style Sensations board on Pinterest; from there click on the image and all designer/purchasing information can be found.

To achieve great style like Mateo’s when dressing your own kids try these few tips for instant success! The #1 Styling Tip and the #1 fashion fauxpaux that we have seen parents commit is Fit. Fit is the key to how anything you buy (even for yourself) will look once it’s on your child’s (or yours) body. Too baggy, too bulky, too long, too short, too tight – take the time to measure your child properly if ordering online. If in-store have them try the clothing on before you buy it, just because they are 5 years old does not mean they wear a size 5. As difficult as it may seem, forego the age old theory of “growing into it” ~ this rarely happens, they end up drowning in baggy tees and by the time it does fit the tee has seen its better days. The same goes for their pants/shorts ~ adjustable waistbands are every Mom/Dad’s best friend, however make sure the rest of the garment isn’t overly-baggy or dreadfully long! Rolling up the hem one time is fine, letting them drag on the ground is sloppy and also a tripping hazard. The opposite is true with items being too small – if they raise their arms and flash the world with their baby bellies, then yep it’s too short. On pants, have them sit down – if a flash flood alarm goes off then they’re too short.

#2 Styling Tip is quality over quantity! I personally would much rather purchase 5 better quality shirts over 20 cheaply made ones. Check the labels and seeing “100% cotton” is not enough, if it doesn’t feel soft even prior to washing then chances are it won’t be after either. It’s also well known that quality does exist in clothing and it also lasts much longer than it’s less expensive counterparts. In addition, if you are in the practice of re-selling your kids outgrown clothing, higher-end & overall great quality designers produce a much larger return on your “investment”.

#3 – it’s all about the shoes! If you are attempting to stick your Little’s feet into something that is too tight, too wide, too small and overall just uncomfortable then of course they won’t want to wear anything but sneakers! Several designers produce top notch, high quality & very comfortable footwear for kids. Break the “tee shorts sneaks” cycle by introducing them to a pair of cool Minnetonka mocs, bangin’ lace-up boots or buttery-soft loafers!  Switch up their footwear so they are all worn equally. With sites like and numerous flash sale sites, having higher-end quality footwear is attainable to everyone. On the sizing, Stride Rite recommends a thumbnail from the big toe to the tip/end of the shoe to allow for growing room; also squeeze both sides across the top of their foot to make sure their is give and freedom of movement.

Styling Tip #4 – let them choose what they want to wear, but with guidance. Offering styling assistance to your kids just like you would to a friend, can be a fun experience for both of you!  If they feel like being a pirate on any given day, help them achieve it ~ but with style and don’t forget to throw in some cool accessories along the way! Several retailers carry kid-sized jewelry & shades!

Our final Styling Tip which should already be a given is Hair ~ whether it’s long, short or curly, keep it clean & especially before taking photos give it a nice brush or comb through. For added fun & style, test out a few kids hair products like Glop and Glam or Tangled Tantrum! Spikey one day, slick & smooth the next!

We would love to see your stylish Littles and also love to hear any of your Styling Tips!  Please share them on our FB page at or tag us on Instagram with #popstreetkidz. As for Alonso Mateo, there you have it, just a regular 5yr old boy following in his well-dressed & extremely stylish parents’ footsteps. We cannot think of any 2 more perfect role models for a child to have other than their mom & dad.

Written by Shannon Everett-Goldberg



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Accessories are Everything ~ Meet Shop Konniption!

In continuation with our Accessories are Everything feature, we have located a new player on the block of kid’s bow ties! Shop Konniption hand makes every single bow tie they sell, making each one exquisitely unique and far from simplistic.  Owner, Shannon Walker originally launched her site aimed at providing a little something extra for us ladies ~ under her Damsel Collection you will find studded bow ties, velvet bow ties & even ones with little precious pearls attached.  This month she launched her new Konniption Kids line and sent us the Mr. Whoo bow tie for a review.

Soft and extremely flexible fabric with a fully adjustable hook & link back made this an easy accessory to put on Wynn.  We have had other bow ties that had the elasticized banding which were a complete no-go, no-way!  Shop Konniption makes them so even the most demanding of kids will wear them (Wynn included here).

Staying right in touch with the latest & hottest trends, Shannon kicked off her Konniption Kids line with Camo, Leopard & Polka Dots along with several others. With an extremely keen eye for style & what’s hot in the fashion world, there is no doubt in my mind that she will continue to provide not only current trend fabrics but also timeless ones.  Shannon also gets it when it comes to the evolving world of kids fashion which is more & more designers creating completely co-ed fashion lines. Konniption Kids bow ties look smashing on Boys and adorable on Girls ~ equally!

As a special promotion for our POP Street Kidz readers and to help introduce you to Shop Konniption, they are offering a 15% off discount for the next 3 days with code COOLKID at checkout!

For more information on Shop Konniption & to shop them now, please visit

Written by Shannon Everett-Goldberg


*Shop Konniption sent us their Mr. Whoo bow tie to review ~ all opinions remain completely truthful & unbiased.

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Exploring in the Woods ~ with Duke of London

To celebrate Mother’s Day, we unplugged and went for a nature hike to explore the grounds where Native Americans & the first Settlers in our area lived. Many buildings from the 1800’s still stand firmly where they were originally built and a large cemetery on the grounds holds the ghosts of a time where fur was traded for food and Native Americans lived peacefully with early American settlers.

This presented perfect timing to give our new Duke of London clothing a test run, and run is all Wynn did (literally) ~ soft, non-restricting with the ease of movement that fast little boys require!  This particular collection, Sake The Cherokee Indian holds a special place for us as Wynn is in part Native American too.  The bold tribal accents on Duke of London’s Aztec Poncho pop perfectly against it’s silky black background.  The cut is loose yet not boxy or overly baggy.

Snake-print accented taupe chinos held up amazingly well so much we could have easily left our hike & went straight to any restaurant still looking stylish & presentable!  It’s still a bit chilly where we live and the Wooly headband was the perfect topper for keeping Wynn’s little ears toasty, not to mention he kind of has a thing for headbands so this could not have been any more perfect!

Wynn is also wearing their Low Rider tee featuring the Smokey Wolf which was a no surprise instant hit with him.  The wider neckline with the rough edge cut around the neck is absolutely adorable and not something normally found on boys tees.  Made directly in Australia, every single item must go through a very rigorous quality control process because you can see the quality & craftsmanship at every stitch.

Today was the perfect Mother’s Day ~ spending it with my sons, outside and enjoying life’s natural beauty.  Along the way we spotted this plant with the nickname Jack in the Pulpit, you can see how the leaf covers the top of the stem hiding “jack” ~ my oldest son, Jack found this somewhat more interesting today than his cell phone!

For more information & to shop Duke of London’s newest collection, visit them at

Written by Shannon Everett-Goldberg

*for sizing reference, Wynn is wearing size 5 taupe chinos, size 5 low rider tee, size L wooly headband & size L Aztec poncho.  He is 45″ tall & weighs 41lbs.

*Duke of London sent us these items as a birthday prezzie for Wynn, all reviews remain to be completely truthful & unbiased.


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Proper Introductions to our Pinterest Sensation ~ Meet PRSPR!

It has never been a secret that the city of Chicago houses an enormous amount of style-addicted fashion dwellers.  Just one walk down Michigan Avenue during the week (weekends bring tourists) and you can easily spot fabulous everywhere you look and this also includes MEN! Several months ago while up late doing my usual quest for unique kids fashion I literally stumbled across newcomer, PRSPR!  Keyword….Chicago.  Victoria Moy is a born & raised Chicagoan and describes herself as “a total geek for fashion”.  With several nieces & nephews and always wanting to present them with the coolest fashion gifts not typically found at your major department stores, Victoria set out to create PRSPR, an online boutique catering to Boys & Girls with numerous co-ed, mix & match pieces.

 In addition to being inspired by her nieces & nephews, Victoria is strongly rooted in a background dedicated to the well-being & overall happiness of children. Victoria’s mother instilled in her the beauty & the love that exists between the parent/child relationship and through that PRSPR was born.  Unique, fun to wear and extremely well-made ~ just look at those Mouse pants!  Those have been repinned on our Pinterest along with the now famous Favorite pants at an astonishingly rapid rate & blogs everywhere are featuring them including those across the pond in New Zealand!

POP Street Kidz has been from day one all about letting the Littles be Little ~ in Style of course!  Victoria quoted one of our own statements from our About page here on POP:

“Childhood is the best time to crank that imagination up and a great time to start an innovation in preschool cool”. I definitely agree! Personal style is cool nowadays. It’s not as oddball of a thing to do anymore.”

With Victoria saying that we see that we have found our soul sister in style and are extremely thrilled to support her on-going fashion adventures with PRSPR!

For more information & to shop PRSPR’s entire collection online with an exclusive to POP Street Kidz 15% off discount, please visit them at and enter in “popstreet15” now thru May 14th.

Written by Shannon Everett-Goldberg

For Sizing reference, Wynn is wearing Size 6 Favorite pants paired with: Blu Pony Vintage vest from; Goat Milk tank from; Necklace & bracelets by; Straw Fedora & Sunglasses by; Bimini loafers by

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Adventures in Barber Shopping ~ featuring Vicious-Wear!

With all of the rain & thunder-stormy weather, we skipped our plan to drive into the city for haircuts & lunch and opted for the old-fashioned Barber Shop close by!  $13, not just 1 sucker but 2 plus even Dada got a little something for being so brave with his haircut too!  The barber, Miguel loved Wynn’s outfit and we were majorly impressed that he noticed Wynn’s Doc Martens! He also gave mad props to his swanky shirt & pants, which we just received in the mail from Vicious-Wear! It took just a hair under 2 weeks to arrive and the anticipation was well worth it! Perfect fitting, meticulous details everywhere & super buttery soft fabrics!

Miguel did a fantastic job and off we went to our favorite local pizza joint! Part of the building was an old train station that housed the deceased….spooky! a long time ago! This place has the best pizza, we of course might be a bit biased since Wynn’s Dada owns it!

Everyone at the restaurant loved Wynn’s fresh cut & cool clothes! The super funky graphics match his quirky personality and he loved that the shirt already had splotches on it (to hide his pizza sauce & ketchup stains of course!)

Built for Barber Shops, Pizza joints & Train spotting ~ Vicious-Wear is everything we look for in outfitting Wynn & his on-going adventures in being a cool kid with a sense of style!

Written by Shannon Everett-Goldberg

For more information on Vicious-Wear and to get some of your own, please visit their website at

*Wynn is 3’7 & weighs 41lbs for sizing reference he is wearing size 116 in all items and fits perfectly. All bottoms also include an adjustable waistband.


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West Coast Represent ~ Mini & Maximus SS13

Mini & Maximus presents their Spring/Summer collection, Shaka Muchacha with absolutely no mistake that it was made for “the silly, the fearless, the carefree” ~ the boys & girls of Summer. Adventurous, whimsical and about to skate it’s way into stores any day now.

By now those of you that are familiar with Mini & Maximus, know that they are never afraid to color outside the lines or fly their freak flag when it comes to their graphic choices. In fact, the choices they have made with them, which in the past included several designs drawn by children themselves, are every single bit of what an uninhibited childhood represents.

“Last night I dreamed of a bunny riding a motorcycle! And tonight my toy tiger will fly to the moon with me as his guide” Silly and so far from seriously boring kids fashion. Mini & Maximus has even dove into the accessories market with this new collection including funky throw pillows & beach towels!

For those that do not cohabitate on the West Coast, Mini & Maximus blows you a puff of salty ocean breeze and cool sand between your toes. Shaka Muchacha!!

“Kids will have their Say”, Mini & Maximus said it, they meant it & they’re here to represent it!

For more information & where to shop for Mini & Maximus, including their online shop ~ please visit them at  All past season collections are also now on sale, don’t miss your chance to sprinkle your kids wardrobe with fashion designed exclusively for them!

Written by Shannon Everett-Goldberg

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