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Telegraph Ave Black Velvet Style for Boys

Telegraph Ave Black Velvet Style for Boys

Minimalistic style with a major twist. Telegraph Ave creates fashion for kids that can easily move from minimalistic to rockstar on the boulevard style. Every piece is hand designed and created by founder, Aman with inspiration she gathers from her spunky adorable, life-loving daughter Mara. 

harempants, telegraphave, velvetvest, blackvelvet, boysfashionWynn is wearing Telegraph Ave Harem Pant & Vented Vest, both in smooth black velvet styled with Mini & Maximus No Haters raglan and Dr. Marten boots. 

boysfashion, miniandmaximus, drmartens

boysfashion, blackvelvet

boysfashion, nohaters, drmartensFor sizing reference, Wynn is 4’5 and wearing size 10 in both vest and pants perfectly. Click here to shop this look on sale now at Telegraph Ave and to view their new Spring/Summer 2017 collection! 

Los Angeles, CA 

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Fabulous in ArKade Official

Fabulous in ArKade Official

boysfashion, arkadeofficial, appaman, primigiArKade was founded in 2014 as a brand that parents and children would be able to grow to love from toddler to teen. On Wynn: ArKade dotted rose top / Appaman black mod pants / Primigi black leather loafers.

appaman, arkadeofficial, primigiBlazers over tees…repeat after me. The addition of an Appaman mod blazer instantly turns their otherwise casual outfit to fine event attire. 

arkadeofficial, appaman, primigi, boysfashion, blazers, tees

appaman, fauxhawk, arkadeofficial, primigi

arkadeofficial, laminiatura, minirodiniArKade been fresh tee / La Miniatura black crayon denim / Mini Rodini suede biker jacket.

boysfashion, fauxhawk, arkadeofficialThis is how we roll in ArKade style, check them out online here and follow them on Instagram here. We highly recommend the softness of these made in the USA tees. 

For sizing reference, Wynn is wearing size Small in both styles perfectly. 

Los Angeles, CA

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Why Why Why? Yporque’ for SS2016

Why Why Why? Yporque’ for SS2016

Yporque translated is Why? and they chose that name based on the number one question most frequently asked by children. Created in 2007 by three women in Barcelona, Yporque designs their clothing to reflect the creative side of children’s minds and at the same time appeals to their senses with the softest of fabrics and supremely tailored fits. 

boysfashion, yporqueYporque striped hoodie, black polo & casual pants (aka shorts) for Spring 2016 styled with adidas superstars.

adidas, yporque, fashionkids

barcelona, yporque, eurofashion

yporque, ss16, boysfashion, adidasThank you Yporque for keeping the thrill alive in the world of kids fashion! 

For more information on Yporque, check out their website by clicking here. Follow them on Instagram here and Facebook here.

For sizing reference, Wynn is 4’3 and wearing size 8yr. 

Los Angeles, CA



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Sicker than your average…

Sicker than your average…

#boysfashion, #slimshadyisme Street-smooth style in Baby Beast “Stop Copying Me” vneck for SS16; Laundry Tribe jersey pin tuck shirt; Rowen Christian skinny moto Brayden jogger for SS16; H&M faux leather biker jacket; Dr. Martens cherry red Delaney boots. boysfashion, wynngoldberg

boysfashion, #wynngoldberg

#boysfashion, #ss16Get hypnotized in boys fashion…click on their names to follow them on Instagram;





Downtown Los Angeles, CA

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Hot for the Holidays ~ Heelys Street Skates!

Hot for the Holidays ~ Heelys Street Skates!

This particular post should be entitled “How to be a Beverly Hills badass” but we left our filter on. Having said that, the super smokin’ awesome crew at Heelys gifted Wynn with a supreme set up of their Fresh X2 street skates, Triple 8 safety pack, Heelys signature beanie, loads of stickers & rubber wrist bling so he took them for a spin down Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills, CA! heelys, freshA bit shaky at first but with the super cool How 2 Heel video and advice from his older sister, Sami who had a pair of Heelys when she was younger, he was off and rolling in no time! heelys, beverlyhillsNot even gonna lie, Wynn wasn’t just catching air…several kids (and adults) did a stop and stare when he rolled by! heelys, losangeles

heelys, losangeles

heelys, freshx2

heelys, hm, frankandlu

heelys, frankandlu, hm

heelys, frankandlu, hmWynn loves his new Heelys and I personally love that he’s getting fresh air & exercise while using them, not to mention building up those little leg muscles! A+ award and a fantastic gift for the Holiday season for both boys & girls on your Nice List! 

Photography by Samantha Goldberg

*Wynn is wearing Heelys Fresh X2; Cardigan by Frank & Lu, Tee & Denim by H&M, Socks by Stance. Heelys run true to size and are available in a ton of different styles & colors! Check them out by clicking here


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Get Vicious Wear!

Get Vicious Wear!

German designed kid’s fashion label, Vicious Wear is rooted in rock’n roll and takes a direct aim hit at in your face, stand out style. Each piece is created with unique stitches, appliques, snaps, straps and bold colors. Owners Max & Jessica Barth also spared no expense when it comes to fit, comfort and durability. All of the pieces Vicious Wear produces are extremely soft and even tested by their adorable 4yr old son, Moritz prior to production. viciouswear, boysfashionWynn is wearing their newest collection for AW15 which is on it’s way to LA for a special event sale that you will not want to miss! Shipping will be available with a minimum purchase so those of you that live elsewhere will still be able to take advantage of this major stock up sale just in time for the holidays! viciouswear, boysfashion

viciouswear, next

sweaterweather, cardigans, viciouswear

viciouswear, boysfashion, nextThe special event Vicious Wear sale includes fashion for babies, boys and girls from 1yr thru 9yrs. Details to follow soon. In the meantime, get ready to get Vicious Los Angeles! 

For sizing reference, Wynn is wearing euro 134 with loads of room for growth and is currently 4’3 tall. 


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Fashion Freedom with Feather Drum

Fashion Freedom with Feather Drum

I am and always have been a huge believer in the universe and the exquisite force it’s able to flex. Walking a straight line into divine intervention, we were introduced to Feather Drum by our good friend and amazing professional stylist extraordinaire, Kiki Tillman. Because I am a believer, whenever intertwined with someone new, I instantly look for the “connection”…you know the invisible red thread that binds those that are destined to meet in some way, shape or form. 

The red thread is this: Feather Drum designer, Kelly-Lee “draws her inspiration from her life-long love of French design, her local environment and her natural bohemian style to produce this gorgeous range of quality garments that are fashion forward, sophisticated and fun to wear for free-spirited girls and boys.” Wynn is part French, I am part Bohemian (and yes, it’s a real ethnic background and yes there really was a country called Bohemia that is now referred to only as the Czech Republic). Wynn is also part Native American and whether the designer intended this or not, several pieces breathe of a long lost Indian tribe. As for the free spirit part, if you’ve learned anything at all from our instagram about my son then you know this was a direct hit. 
featherdrum, scotchshrunk, h&mFeather Drum Dreamer Sweater (Wynn is wearing size 6) paired with Scotch Shrunk bleached denim scarf & H&M optic white denim.

featherdrum, scotchshrunk, h&m, boysfashionFeather Drum By the Horns Muscle Tee (Wynn is wearing size 5), socks by Nike, faux pony fur lowtops by Dolce & Gabbana

featherdrum, scotchshrunk, boysfashion, californiastyle

featherdrum, scotchandsoda, scotchshrunk, h&m, boysfashion, californiaboys

featherdrum, scotchshrunk, h&m, mulhollanddrive, hollywoodhillsFor more information and to discover the entire Feather Drum collection, please visit them by clicking here. Feather Drum is also active on social media! Follow them on instagram here and on facebook by clicking here

*for sizing reference, Feather Drum appears to run generous. Wynn is almost 50″ tall and wearing size 5 in their Muscle tank, size 6 in their Dreamer sweater perfectly. 


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Touching the Sky with Dillonger Clothing

The question is do you believe? Some of you may incoherently, without even thinking nod your head and say yes. But do you? Latoia Fitzgerald, the amazing designer behind Dillonger Clothing put her dream of designing boys fashion in motion and has not for a single second looked back. She sees it, she believes it and oh yes she is flying.

Introducing key pieces from Dillonger’s Fall 2015 collection being worn by those “LA Boys” Gavin Reyes, Wynn Goldberg & Tykee Dawkins. Shot downtown in the beautiful Arts District by photographer Priscilla Reyes and all three of these boys will testify to the softness, durability and extreme style Dillonger clothing exudes.  
dillongerclothing, boysfashion, dillonger, laminiatura, rowenchristian, drmartens

dillonger, dillongerclothing, rowenchristian, laminiatura, drmartens, boysfashion, losangeles, wynngoldberg, gavinreyes, tykeedawkins

jetsetters, trendsetters, boysfashion, losangeles, dillongerclothing, atlanta, kidsfashion, plaid, flannel, leather, zippers


dillongerclothing, tykeedawkins

dillongerclothing, tykeedawkins, boysfashion

dillongerclothing, wynngoldberg, boysfashion, rowenchristian, laminiatura, drmartens

dillongerclothing, wynngoldberg, plaid, flannel, boysfashion, rowenchristian, laminiatura

dillongerclothing, gavinreyes, boysfashion

dillongerclothing, gavinreyes, priscillareyes, boysfashion, losangeles, photographers

dillongerclothing, tykeedawkins, boysfashion, atlanta

dillongerclothing, tykeedawkins, losangeles, modelbehavior

dillongerclothing, boysfashion, gavinreyes, wynngoldberg, priscillareyes, losangeles

dillongerclothing, gavinreyes

dillongerclothing, wynngoldberg, boysfashion, losangeles, jumpsuits

dillongerclothing, gavinreyes, priscillareyes, fashion

dillongerclothing, gavinreyes, priscillareyes, boysfashion

For more information on Dillonger Clothing and to shop their current season, please visit them here. Dillonger is also active on Instagram by clicking here and on Facebook here.

*Other designers included: Dr. Martens, La Miniatura, Rowen Christian, Baby Beast, Rayban Junior



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Imagine Fashion 2015

Hiding the truth that a large portion of the US is currently covered in snow, we present a glimpse into what eventually all of the littles will have an opportunity to be wearing once the snow melts. Here in Los Angeles, the weather which is called “winter” has been mostly sunny & 75f degrees.

rowen christian, baby beast, dr. martens, la miniatura, boys fashion

Wynn is wearing Baby Beast “Lil Homme” hat & logo hightop crew socks, both part of their upcoming Fall 2015 collection; Baby Beast was born in Detroit and crafted in LA by Zack Issa whose creative endeavors in celebrity styling have taken him across the country in both the music & sports arenas. Baby Beast is aimed at providing gender-neutral apparel and is made to be styled, layered & rocked by all kids age 2-10yrs.
la miniatura

On top, La Miniatura for Spring 2015 Golden Yellow Bomber Jacket & super soft Constellation tee. From 2011, designer & project runway season 3 winner, Jeffrey Sebelia has never once fallen off his course of providing clothing to dress your kid with dignity. His designs continue to thrill us and are a welcome stand out in the crowd. “Fashion Forward” words that are regularly associated with La Miniatura is comparable to receiving an Oscar with every new collection. Forward is the only way for fashion to face. For sizing reference, Wynn is wearing size 8 in both tee and jacket perfectly yet with room to grow. 
rowen christian, baby beast, shopbabybeast, boys fashion

Rowen Christian Couture launched just last year yet has already been making major waves in the boys denim department. Supreme attention to detail and quality is what has been setting Rowen Christian apart from the rest. In addition, they have continued their efforts at providing a better life experience for sick children through donating a portion of each sale to Paul Newman-founded, Roundup River Ranch. Wynn is wearing their new for Spring 2015 Brayden Classic Short which is extremely soft with a very luxurious feel. For sizing reference, Wynn is wearing size 7 with the waist slightly adjusted (great feature!).
dr.martens, docs, camo, boots, babybeast, socks, boysfashion

Since day one…Dr. Martens (and Vans) have been on Wynn’s feet for a reason. They outlast every single one of his adventures and provide the level of comfort for his feet that he demands. For the Spring & Summer months, diehard fans can opt for canvas versus leather boots for the breathe ability factor. Wynn is wearing Dr. Martens Delaney in British Camo canvas.
la miniatura, rowen christian, baby beast, boys fashion, spring2015

la miniatura, shopbabybeast, babybeast, boysfashion

la miniatura

la miniatura, rowen christian, baby beast, boysfashion, jackets, tees, hats, shorts

We invite you to follow us on Instagram for more fashion inspiration for Spring & Fall 2015 by clicking here. In addition, all designers featured are also on Instagram and can be followed under the user names: Shopbabybeast, RowenChristian, LaMiniatura and DrMartensofficial.

If you are attending ENK Childrens Club in NYC March 1st-3rd, please be sure to stop by the booths of Baby Beast, La Miniatura & Rowen Christian for a complete look at their newest collections. 


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Forever Young…La Miniatura Spring 2015

Our first fashion edit for 2015 features La Miniatura and their newest collection for Spring! We were given the opportunity to test-wear a few of their amazing designs prior to their worldwide public debut coming soon.   
laminiatura, boysfashion, punkboys, foil, hollywoodsign, kidsfashionBrought back for Spring 2015 is their seersucker suits and seperates only this time with a dip-dye twist. Available in 3 colorways (black, navy, tan) with the same classic appeal and lofty-soft fabric. Pushing the kids fashion world forward is and always has been signature La Miniatura since day one.

Designer, Jeffrey Sebelia continues to satisfy the diehard Teddy Boys era fans like myself with the first ever foil-denim for boys and girls that at first glance appears to be made of oil slick leather. Exclusive only to La Miniatura– Cone Denim fabric with a 4-way stretch and adjustable waistband that stays true to form and supremely comfortable, even for those rebels that stick their noses up at the shear thought of wearing anything but sweatpants. 
Untitled7Punchy graphic tees that celebrate fashion and music trends of years gone by are the chosen ones for La Miniatura’s Spring 2015 collection. From the Punk Revolution era to the funky Roller Disco days, each one is constructed of silky soft fabric and dyed to withstand a multitude of washings and wearings. 

Untitled20Is there ever anything better than the real thing? Cult era logos like Chanel & Coca-Cola reappear in true fashion wearing style form. Fully licensed to La Miniatura and without a doubt a huge hit that spans numerous genres. 

Printed button-downs, color block polos, plaid-infused shirts- all directed at keeping up with La Miniatura’s tagline of “Dress your kid with dignity”. Sleek cuts that are not too slender or too boxy with a fit that runs true to size. 

Untitled1Paint-splattered denim in the same super stretchy fabric is available in two colorways with the same fit as their foil and staple crayon denim jeans. 


Untitled3Beatniks and little hipsters along with prepsters (don’t get it twisted, prepster and hipster are two totally different styles) can easily find comfort in buttoned-up polos and rolled up denim and presents as yet another nod to the Teddy Boys era!

Untitled4We were given just six sneak peeks of their girls and boys collection to share with you. La Miniatura’s Spring 2015 collection will be shipping this month to fine retailers worldwide and will also be available online at 






Untitled16Written by Shannon Goldberg

Modeled by Wynn Goldberg 

*for sizing reference, Wynn is wearing La Miniatura sample size 6 perfectly and is also a Fit Model for their designs presenting as a perfect American Standard Size 6/7 across their entire boys collection. La Miniatura runs true to size with adjustable waistbands on all pants. Please feel free to email us if you need any assistance with sizing/fit questions. 


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