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Off the wall with Hype365Brand

Hype365Brand has emerged on the kids fashion scene quietly and patiently waiting to rock their way into your kids wardrobes. Owner and designer, Tiffany Turner has been underground focusing on the various music, creativity & lifestyle designs that go directly from her fashion-minded heart onto kids tees and hats (appliqued sweatshirts are coming for Fall).

Hip, Young, Prosperous, Extraordinary or Hype was inspired by Tiffany’s two sons (Dante & Kobi) paired with her personal love for skater/street/hip hop culture. Several items in her shop are OOAK (one of a kind) not to be imitated or duplicated for those kids that prefer rocking fashion that will only be seen on them. Hype365Brand dedicates it’s vibrant colors and creative designs to those kids that live off the wall.
Untitled24Every piece that Hype365Brand sells has been handmade and designed by Tiffany herself and all screen printing is done by her close friend. The fabric pieces are lovingly stitched on in various creative ways and all hats are hand-painted. 


Untitled11Smooth criminal Nate breaks it down with Hype365Brand Pocket tee, Hype365Brand Cr8tive adjustable hat, Zara denim shorts & Supra hightops.




Untitled20Rock that wall Wynn! Hype365Brand Abstract tee, Hype365Brand I Live for Music hat, Appaman punk shorts, American Apparel triple stripe socks & Vans black Sk8hi.



Untitled6Hype365Brand has provided us with 3 of their tees to give away to our friends: Adult Medium green Skate tee; Child Medium (8/10) yellow Hype Gamer tee and Child Medium (8/10) black Hype Logo tee. Wynn & Nate are wearing Child Small (6/7) and are both approximately 47″ tall. You may enter two ways either thru the rafflecopter listed below OR via Instagram by reposting ANY of the images on our IG account showing Wynn & Nate wearing Hype365Brand with hashtag #hype365 and we of course want you to tag us and a friend when you repost! Several repost apps are available for free download via the app store on your handy’s (thats code for cellphone). Starts now and ends Monday, July 14th at midnight PCT so tell your friends! *Click on the right arrow on the rafflecopter widget to view all 3 tees (; 

Written by Shannon Goldberg

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Not a Bad Thing to Fall in Love

This month’s Interesting & Cool Person (ICP) is Kerry James of Gary, Indiana. I met Kerry last Summer on one of the hottest days of the year while attending Michael Jackson’s Birthday Celebration at Michael’s childhood home in Gary (locally referred to as GI). I had been granted access to enter the Jackson home to do an editorial however due to a security issue it was revoked and while turning around to leave I ran into Kerry…literally (divine intervention). kerry3He had been waiting for Prince & Blanket Jackson to come forward and sign autographs, as they usually do. In one hand he held a guitar and the other was a postcard he wanted so badly for Prince to sign for him (he didn’t get it). The guitar was an instant source of conversation and he went on to tell me about how he writes all of his own songs and loves to inspire people with his music. He had me at inspire. As the crowd began to grow and my claustrophobia kicked in, he stood there next to me and with sincere kindness said, “don’t worry best friend, I’ve got you”. At this point I was seriously thinking, “who is this kid and why is he being so incredibly nice to me”. He was being nice because he is Kerry James. Remember the scene in E.T. when E.T. is returning to his spaceship and touches Elliott’s heart? Before I left he played one of his songs for me, “speechless”.

kerry1Kerry graduated from Lewis Wallace high school in 2012 & lives just 2 blocks away from the Jackson home. When I met him with his guitar (a much wanted Christmas gift he received from his mother) he never once told me the rest of his “story”. Instead I read about it in the Gary Crusader newspaper just a couple weeks ago. As an infant, Kerry suffered from seizures, a stroke & brain damage. His mother was told that he would never speak, could not hear or see. He was born a triplet (2 boys 1 girl) yet only he & his sister survived. He didn’t start speaking until he was 14 years old – his twin sister spoke for him. Despite exchanging instagram accounts that day, I lost touch with Kerry until just recently when he reappeared leaving me a message on one of my instagram photos, “hi best friend I miss you & I have a new song I want to play for you”. That was all it took and I was on my way to GI to pick him up and bring him home with me so he & my older son, Jack could mix music together. kerry2The entire ride back to my house was filled with Kerry singing (ok I was too because he’s the type of person when you’re around him you instantly feel happy & comfortable just being yourself). He played Justin Timberlake’s “not a bad thing” – don’t act like its a bad thing to fall in love with me….my love is free. Love like kindness is indeed free. Watching Wynn in my rearview mirror, I saw that while he wasn’t singing with us he was grooving right along and when we got home he immediately attached himself to Kerry and wanted to know when he was going to play Minecraft with him. I’m pointing this out because our children see & feel how we ourselves treat & behave around others and then act accordingly. kerry6If you’ve read my previous posts or About Us then you already know that my son Jack, just like Kerry, also suffered from seizures as a child. His were to the extent of having brain surgery to remove a tumor. Identical to Kerry, the side of his brain that was unaffected happens to be intensely interested in music.

Kerry has been filling up his days these last few months since I first saw him, playing at local Open Mic nights and for the Mayor of Gary. He associates best with Pop and R&B music with Michael Jackson, Ciara & Justin Timberlake as a few of his influencers. Jack helped him record three of his songs and is currently working on a Sound Cloud account so Kerry can now share them easily. We will update this post with a link to his account so you can hear Kerry sing for yourself.

Despite the challenges that Kerry has faced and continues to face at such a young age (more than most will ever go through in an entire lifetime), he has found what truly gives him joy and is sharing it with anyone that will listen. Kerry taught himself how to play guitar and is enhancing his skills every day in the hopes of being an even bigger inspiration to others. We all know there are several roads that teens can take when choosing a path, I am very proud of Kerry for choosing the path that truly makes him happy. His light is shining for the whole world to see, you just have to be open to seeing it. Peace, Love & Light.




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