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Fabulous in ArKade Official

Fabulous in ArKade Official

boysfashion, arkadeofficial, appaman, primigiArKade was founded in 2014 as a brand that parents and children would be able to grow to love from toddler to teen. On Wynn: ArKade dotted rose top / Appaman black mod pants / Primigi black leather loafers.

appaman, arkadeofficial, primigiBlazers over tees…repeat after me. The addition of an Appaman mod blazer instantly turns their otherwise casual outfit to fine event attire. 

arkadeofficial, appaman, primigi, boysfashion, blazers, tees

appaman, fauxhawk, arkadeofficial, primigi

arkadeofficial, laminiatura, minirodiniArKade been fresh tee / La Miniatura black crayon denim / Mini Rodini suede biker jacket.

boysfashion, fauxhawk, arkadeofficialThis is how we roll in ArKade style, check them out online here and follow them on Instagram here. We highly recommend the softness of these made in the USA tees. 

For sizing reference, Wynn is wearing size Small in both styles perfectly. 

Los Angeles, CA

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“We shall rise from the ashes”…Detroit represent with Baby Beast!

“We shall rise from the ashes”…Detroit represent with Baby Beast!

“Mix it. match it. layer it. style it. rock it. Every piece is made for that. Unleash the Beast. taken directly from the Baby Beast website and we could not agree more. If you don’t know their name by now then you’ve got some serious catching up to do within the kids fashion world.

Detroit-based and Los Angeles-made, designed by the amazingly talented Zack Issa & Taylor Hinds, Baby Beast exploded onto the scene last year with a serious game face for nothing less than success. Hard work, determination and extreme attention to quality fabrics, fits and cuts is what will continue to set Baby Beast apart and above the rest. This particular style pictorial is so close to our heart that we can’t help but add in some of our favorite quotes (and song lyrics) to what has become our favorite photo session to date.

babybeast, bluponyvintage, boysfashion, detroitrepresent, lilhomme, black“Every brick they threw at me I used to stand on.” Sean Combs. Wynn is wearing Baby Beast classic v-neck, striped harem shorts, Lil’ Homme socks & Lil’ Homme snapback paired with Dr. Marten brit camo boots (a gift to us from the lovely Rowen Christian Couture) & Blu Pony Vintage suspenders. 

babybeast, drmartens, detroitstyle, bluponyvintage, boysfashion, badboys“I just wanna say thanks ’cause your hate is what gave me this strength.” Marshall Mathers

babybeast, boysfashion“Softness is not weakness. It takes courage to stay delicate in a world this cruel.” Beau Taplin

babybeast, drmartens, docs, boysfashion, bluponyvintage, suspenders, camo, spikes“I’ve failed over and over again in my life, and that is why I succeed.” Michael Jordan

babybeast, boysfashion, drmartens, camo, bluponyvintage, streetstyle

babybeast, boysfashion, hollywood, sunsetboulevard, drmartens, bluponyvintage, detroit

babybeast, appaman, vans, boysfashion, cocopuffs“When all my faith has gone, you bring it back to me. You make it real for me.” James Morrison. Wynn is wearing Baby Beast Coco tee & harem joggers paired with Appaman mod blazer

babybeast, appaman, boysfashion, vans, raybanjunior, cocopuffs, nike“You see us how you want to see us – in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions.” The Breakfast Club

babybeast, appaman, vans, nike, boysfashion, hollywood

babybeast, appaman, blazers, boysfashion, detroitstyle

babybeast, sunsetboulevard, hollywood, appaman, vans, nike, boysfashion“My soul honors your soul…we are united. we are the same. we are one.” <Namaste>

babybeast, h&m, boysfashion, fashionkids“You gotta make your own way. You gotta find a way. You gotta get it done. It’s hard. It’s tough.” Spike Lee. Wynn is wearing Baby Beast classic white v-neck layered over an H&M button down, Baby Beast striped harem shorts layered over Baby Beast harem joggers, Primigi mocs. 

babybeast, h&m, boysfashion, primigi, detroitstyle, fashionkids

babybeast, h&m, boysfashion, fashionkids, hollywoodstyleFor more information and to shop Baby Beast now, please visit them here. They are also socially active on Instagram by clicking here and on Facebook by clicking here. Follow them for updates on new arrivals and special promotions. Baby Beast is also available at many fine retailers nationwide.

*For sizing reference, Wynn is wearing size 6 in Baby Beast perfectly.

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Tales from Instagram Land

We sure do miss our Tumblr account, it is there where we used to be able to share all of our instagram shots with the entire world. Since it was shut down we have decided to start a new weekly series entitled, “Tales from Instagram Land” for everyone that may not have access to Instagram (or has filtered internet like several of our international friends).

duke of london, SONS

Coming up tomorrow, the newest collection from Duke of London launches. Be prepared for SONS to make some major thunder and yes you will want every piece!

gap, gap kids, la miniatura, vans

Saturdays were made for dancing! Wynn started his first Jazz class today and loved it! He stayed comfy cool in his Gap Kids hoodie, La Miniatura ombre slub sweats & classic Vans.

la miniatura, rowen christian, new balance, boysfashion

Friday school style in La Miniatura plaid sherpa blazer, La Miniatura printed oxford, Rowen Christian slim denim & New Balance.

appaman, pitbull, boysfashion, newyork, primigi

Our Throwback Thursday with Wynn & his friend Louie. I Love NYC tee direct from an NYC street vendor, Appaman mod suit pants, Primigi loafers, RayBan Jr. aviators.

mini & maximus, shampoodle, dr.martens, boysfashion

Mornings in LA are cool! Mini & Maximus crew sweat, Shampoodle denim, Dr. Martens & jacket by Nordstrom.

good ideas

bobo choses, la miniatura, naturino, boysfashion

The better you dress the worse you can behave. School days in Bobo Choses, La Miniatura & Naturino monk strap shoes.

zara, haas, h&m, la miniatura, boys fashion

Encounters with Costco for the first time. La Miniatura checked jacket, Zara Liberty tee, Haas T sweats, H&M hightops, hat by Knuckleheads, Dagger necklace by Cesare Paciotti.

la miniatura, malibu, boysfashion

Malibu style in La Miniatura dip dye plaid & La Miniatura dip dye seersucker.

amiki children, plaid, flannel, pajamas

An excellent night’s sleep compliments of supersoft plaid flannel pajamas by Amiki Children.

Have a wonderful new week! Explore a new style on your own kids – Punk one day, Preppy the next! 

Shannon & Wynn Goldberg

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Malibu Style with La Miniatura Spring 2015

Seersucker suits and separates have long been a Summer time love. Generations have continously kept this airy, rippled fabric for weddings, parties and semi-casual events. For this Spring/Summer, La Miniatura re-introduces the feeling of safety and home with classic seersucker in Navy or Tan dip-dye for the boys and Pink dip-dye for the girls. 

La Miniatura, Boys Fashion

La Miniatura, Spring

From a classic plaid button down pairing to a super casual graphic tee, seersucker fabric transforms easily and instantly. Cool, calm and collected. The 3 fashion keys that keep almost all boys in check with whatever you assist in selecting for them to wear.

La Miniatura, Boys Fashion

La Miniatura, Boys Fashion

La Miniatura

La Miniatura, Seersucker

La Miniatura, Plaid, Seersucker

Printed, lightweight oxford cotton shirts have become an instant favorite – alone or for layering under suits and over tees. Introduce new colors into your son’s wardrobes this Spring/Summer. It is the perfect time to flash all colors of the rainbow and get them accustomed to selecting more than just blue or green on their own. 

La Miniatura, Malibu

La Miniatura, Jeffrey Sebelia, Fashion Kids

La Miniatura, Suits

La Miniatura will be releasing their Spring/Summer 2015 collection for Boys & Girls in early February at fine retailers worldwide. For updates and additional information, you can follow them on Instagram by clicking here or Facebook here. Also visit their website at

For sizing reference, Wynn is 4′ tall, 55lbs. and wearing all clothing by La Miniatura, size 6 perfectly. Footwear by Primigi, Venettini & Atlanta Mocs.



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Postcards from Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas! Style can be found here anytime of the year on the adults but for the minis it’s usually the holiday season where you will capture the best glimpses of impeccably styled boys and girls. Those that were in tune with the fancy instantly noticed each other and exchanged smiles and nods in passing (and I am referring to the children). Interesting how even at an early age minis notice and appear to appreciate their well-dressed counterparts.laminiatura

Elle is wearing La Miniatura stripe/zip dress; Primigi wrap ballet flats. Wynn is wearing La Miniatura stripe blazer/vest, La Miniatura tuxedo shirt, Rowen Christian Couture brayden classic pant, MAA kanagawa boots.laminiaturakids, rowenchristiancouture, rowenchristian

la miniatura kids

laminiatura, girls fashion

laminiatura, girls fashion, boys fashion

Cool, calm and collected perfected style…welcome to the holiday season, it demands your full fashion attention. 

written by Shannon Goldberg

modeled by Elle Tillman & Wynn Goldberg on location at the Wynn hotel, Las Vegas


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Hey Hey What…Rockstar Style!

We all secretly want to be rockstars…admit it. The glorious stage, the screaming fans, VIP parties and of course having your own personal stylist and makeup artist. Living vicariously through Wynn, we present Rockstar Style for Boys (or girls because these looks are 100% co-ed friendly). It’s also important to offer various fashion and style choices to the young bloods so you are not mistakenly papering them with a label they may not adhere to. “Fashion is and always has been Art”, one of my favorite quotes and so very true.Untitled65Repping Billy Idol, Wynn wears Vicious Wear AW14 faux leather jacket, Pop Kids “the wild one” tee, Rowen Christian Couture brayden straight denim, Tale of Boy glory scarf & Dr. Martens union jack boots.


Untitled64Punked up colors for Fall, Wynn wears The Brand faux leather skull sweatshirt, La Miniatura red crayon denim, Converse yellow hightops from Sportie LA



Untitled61Music is the heartbeat of the soul. Wynn wears the exclusive Black Wagon “Music Heals” tee in which 100% of the proceeds benefits the MyMusicRx program. MyMusicRx delivers the healing power of music to seriously ill kids and teens in hospitals across the nation. Paired with Appaman AW14 alligator print prospect pants, Appaman studded belt, Tale of Boy glory scarf & Primigi silver loafers.



Untitled70What’s your rockstar style?!? Feel free to share it with us on our facebook or tag us on your instagram! 

Written by Shannon Goldberg

Modeled by Wynn Goldberg (undercover rockstar)


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Style Never Felt So Good ~ featuring Appaman

We are absolutely thrilled to have been a participant in Appaman’s AppaMom Spring 2014 blog series! For our final farewell editorial to this series (never to Apppaman, they are stuck with us) we present a few of our top picks from their collection along with an introduction to one of our very best friends, Louie!
appafinal9Based in one of our favorite cities, New York City, Appaman has been bringing street cred to babies, girls & boys since 2003. They have well stood the test of time in the kids fashion industry with their continuous play on NYC-inspired graphics, easy to wear basics and their unstoppable fine tailoring line. With a direct nod to our undying love for NYC & Appaman, Wynn wears Appaman Mod Suit Pants in Mist paired with a “purchased off the streets of NYC” tourist tee and Primigi black patent loafers. Louie, a gorgeous pitbull-mix is sporting his signature goggles.

appafinal5Ruling the sand dunes like a boss! Even Wynn was given a run for his money when it came to beating Louie at a race across the sand and down to the water! Wynn wears Appaman’s blue plaid Tilden Shirt, Galaxy skinny twill pants, Vintage black Barracuda Jacket and Rockabilly sunglasses paired with his Maa Shoes “buck” high tops in blue & white.



Untitled29Appaman’s Mod Suit is high on our list of “Wardrobe Essentials” with the ability to go from fancy to casual cool instantly. This is the 2pc suit that you do not want to utilize for only weddings or special events! Wear the pants with literally any shirt and ramp up the style factor of any outfit by simply adding the blazer as a jacket instead of a “per usual” hoodie! As for Louie, he prefers his black leather Harley Davidson jacket for those days of riding shotgun and hanging out with his buddy, Wynn.


appafinal4Now about Louie, he just isn’t your average dog. Louie, like most dogs usually do, was standing on a corner in Gary, IN waiting for a taxi….ok maybe that part isn’t true but he was standing on the corner, a total hot mess with battered & bloody paws in the rain without an umbrella when my friend, Kelly saw him and of course she stopped. Kelly has been rescuing wayward dogs for years now and is a huge advocate for Pitbull Awareness. Without any hesitation, Louie jumped right into Kelly’s car and together they rode off into the sunset ~ total divine intervention and the beginning of what has become a beautiful, love-filled relationship.

Louie is estimated to be just 3 years old yet since he & Kelly (along with Chuck and their 3 chihuahuas & a maltese) have become a family, he has been awarded the AKC Good Citizen Certification, is a graduate of Landheim Obedience & Training Classes and as of earlier this month completed his Power Paws for Kids Therapy Program. Louie will also soon be visiting local nursing homes to cheer up the residents and show them how it feels to be loved again. Please feel free to check out Louie’s official Facebook page ~ stop by and tell him what a good boy he is at Loving Louie and also get updates on other dogs in need of a good home!

appafinal7For more information and to shop Appaman’s extensive Spring/Summer collection for Babies, Girls & Boys, please visit them online here. Louie’s mom, Kelly is also a fierce advocate for Adopt Don’t Shop ~ Puppymill Awareness. One of the best places to find your next family pet and also where we adopted our dog, Rudy from is which lists available pets from over 13,000 pet adoption groups nationwide.

Written by Shannon Goldberg

Modeled by Wynn Goldberg with the assistance of one gorgeous and extremely well-mannered pitbull named Louie. 

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Postcards from California – Style Inspiration

Southern California is weird when it comes to their weather, similar to where we live so with our layering skills in-tact we brought along our favorite layering options for fancy to casual cool style.


Airplane travel attire for Wynn included an easy to spot Paul Smith Junior multi-colored shirt, IKKS royal blue trousers, Paul Smith Junior Rabbit high tops (all available at MonPetit Child) and Mini Rodini leather biker jacket (available at Alex and Alexa). We swanked it up with his favorite rhino-print silk bow tie from ShopBelle. While at the LAX airport we ran into Tim Tebow! He thought Wynn had swag and we think he’s pretty cool too!



Shopping at 3rd street Promenade in Santa Monica meant another round of “stand out” style. In a sea of the same, Wynn definitely caught attention in his Shampoodle plaid Punk Pants & Vicious Wear organic cotton military sweater. For the most comfortable, easy to run in loafers – Primigi has been our #1 for years along with super fun printed socks by Bit’z Kids.

Venice Beach is like entering another universe, we could spend hours just watching the cool & interesting people that hang out there. Wynn wore his Duke of London bello hood paired with acid wash denim by Vicious Wear & his Jagged Culture straw Music print fedora. During our visit with the amazing designer behind Jagged Culture, Berlyn Valdez, she introduced us to Timberland boots. Having been long die-hard fans of Dr. Martens this was not an easy takeover but we are thrilled to report that Wynn loved them and has instantly made them his new favorites!


Active little boys are known to get dirty (or wet when they decide to run into the ocean) so we always have an extra set of style packed for Wynn. La Miniatura’s army chimp lightweight tee (available from The Boys Store) paired with Vicious Wear cool kids jeans was an easy change into.


Hanging out in Manhattan Beach calls for casual, comfortable style. Wynn wore his new tee from Made Kids paired with Czesiociuch harem pants (and his new favorite boots). For our visit to the pier, which can easily get chilly, Wynn wore his extra cozy asym sweatshirt by Mimobee, which has passed the wash & wear-ability test with flying colors and is the one sweatshirt he requests to wear over & over again, easy to move in Black dyed harems by Funky Legs & Aviator Nation beanie.

For our special evening out at the Bollare Timberland Event as invited guests by our new friend, Berlyn Valdez of Jagged Culture, Wynn fit right in with the other rockstars in his Jagged Culture drum kit tee, Shampoodle punk pants, Mini Rodini jacket & yes, of course Timberland boots.

We are excited for our upcoming move to Los Angeles, we feel right at home when it comes to our personal fashion choices and the friends we have already made there mean everything to us.

Happy Holidays friends! Share your stylish pics on our facebook wall or tag us on Instagram with #popstyle we love seeing your littles looking fabulous!


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