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Suited up in Style with T.O. Collection

Suited up in Style with T.O. Collection

It is without a doubt, a difficult process when selecting a suit for young boys. First and foremost is the comfort factor heavily followed by the fit.

Freshly launched for Spring16 comes NY-based, T.O. Collection with an amazing array of suits offered in a multitude of easy to wear, high fashion colors in fabrics that are soft and silky with an impeccably tailored fit. With five children of their own, the designers behind T.O. Collection certainly understand boys fashion and “get it” when it comes to what children will or will not wear. Wynn is of no exception so I am extremely pleased to report that both of these suits met his “Cool, Calm & Collected” criteria with ease! #boysfashion, #suits, #menswear, #minime

tocollection, boyssuits, #wynngoldbergWynn is wearing T.O. Collection suit in Pewter styled with Crewcuts Thompson shirt, Crewcuts straw fedora, tie by Scotch Shrunk, oxblood loafers by Naturinoboyssuits, tocollection, fashionkids, wynngoldberg

#fashionkids, #boysfashion, #tocollection

#suits, #boyswear, #fashionkids, #wynngoldberg

#boysfashion, #boyswear, #suits, #menswear, #tocollectionT.O. Collection suit in Navy Chambray styled with La Miniatura star print shirt, Liberty of London for Crewcuts tie, black Primigi loafers. #tocollection, #nyc, #suits, #boysfashion

#lacma, #losangeles, #boysfashion, #suits, #dapperAn important aspect to remember when selecting a suit for your son (or daughter since girls look absolutely adorable in them), is the fit. Resist the urge to buy big so “they grow into it”, this only results in a frumpy old man look – far from what you should be attempting to achieve. Remind yourselves that suits are versatile and should not be held hostage in their closets for only special occasions. Style the blazer over any tee with denim for a polished, casual look and mix the pants with a brightly-colored button down for a non-denim, non-sweatpants type of day or night! 

For more information and wholesale inquiries, please email Follow them on Instagram by clicking here.

Wynn is 4’3 and currently wearing size 8 blazer and size 10 pants.

Urban Lights/LACMA, Los Angeles CA


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The Flame of Fall Style with Bobo Choses from Shan & Toad

The Flame of Fall Style with Bobo Choses from Shan & Toad

After the fire of those sweltering Summer days, your little humans will be reaching for something soft and snuggly warm to combat those crispy cool fall days (and nights). European children’s fashion boutique, Shan and Toad has continued to thrill me year after year with their outstanding and positively stunning offering of fine fashion not to mention excellent customer service.

Our most recent Shan and Toad indulgence includes the AW15 collection from Bobo Choses aptly entitled, “The unknown mountain journey”. I’ll admit that I kinda like, actually love, when designers give their collection a name. To me it shows a direct connection between the team and their designs…a shared, new “family member” so to speak. And I am sure it is of no surprise that once again Bobo Choses excelled in the Fall fashion market with lightly done graphics, relaxed cut fits and per usual only the softest of fabrics. #wynngoldberg, #bobochoses, #shanandtoadBobo Choses Kangaroo sweatshirt $81; Bobo Choses Symbols trousers $87.25 styled with Scotch Shrunk tunnel scarf, Freebird military-inspired boots.  bobochoses, boysfashion, shanandtoad

shanandtoad, wynngoldberg, boysfashionBobo Choses fantasy cardigan $131.60, Bobo Choses symbols henley tee, styled with Rowen Christian brayden classic pants.

#wynngoldberg, #bobochoses, #rowenchristian, #boysfashion

#wynngoldberg, #boysfashion, #bobochoses, #shanandtoad

bobochoses, shanandtoad, rowenchristian

wynngoldberg, bobochoses, shanandtoad

wynngoldberg, bobochoses, shanandtoad


IMG_0751To shop new Autumn/Winter arrivals at Shan and Toad, click here. All past season fashion is also on sale making now a fantastic time to fill their closets with exquisite, high quality, timeless clothing. Follow them on Instagram by clicking here to keep up with new arrivals and special sales events. 

For sizing reference, Wynn is 4’2 and is wearing size 8/9 in all Bobo Choses items featured and size 7 in Rowen Christian. 


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Fashion Freedom with Feather Drum

Fashion Freedom with Feather Drum

I am and always have been a huge believer in the universe and the exquisite force it’s able to flex. Walking a straight line into divine intervention, we were introduced to Feather Drum by our good friend and amazing professional stylist extraordinaire, Kiki Tillman. Because I am a believer, whenever intertwined with someone new, I instantly look for the “connection”…you know the invisible red thread that binds those that are destined to meet in some way, shape or form. 

The red thread is this: Feather Drum designer, Kelly-Lee “draws her inspiration from her life-long love of French design, her local environment and her natural bohemian style to produce this gorgeous range of quality garments that are fashion forward, sophisticated and fun to wear for free-spirited girls and boys.” Wynn is part French, I am part Bohemian (and yes, it’s a real ethnic background and yes there really was a country called Bohemia that is now referred to only as the Czech Republic). Wynn is also part Native American and whether the designer intended this or not, several pieces breathe of a long lost Indian tribe. As for the free spirit part, if you’ve learned anything at all from our instagram about my son then you know this was a direct hit. 
featherdrum, scotchshrunk, h&mFeather Drum Dreamer Sweater (Wynn is wearing size 6) paired with Scotch Shrunk bleached denim scarf & H&M optic white denim.

featherdrum, scotchshrunk, h&m, boysfashionFeather Drum By the Horns Muscle Tee (Wynn is wearing size 5), socks by Nike, faux pony fur lowtops by Dolce & Gabbana

featherdrum, scotchshrunk, boysfashion, californiastyle

featherdrum, scotchandsoda, scotchshrunk, h&m, boysfashion, californiaboys

featherdrum, scotchshrunk, h&m, mulhollanddrive, hollywoodhillsFor more information and to discover the entire Feather Drum collection, please visit them by clicking here. Feather Drum is also active on social media! Follow them on instagram here and on facebook by clicking here

*for sizing reference, Feather Drum appears to run generous. Wynn is almost 50″ tall and wearing size 5 in their Muscle tank, size 6 in their Dreamer sweater perfectly. 


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Feeling Fall ~ “This is so LA” Style

Cool running mornings, toasty hot afternoons and supremely chilly nights….this is so LA. The ability to layer several of your favorite fashion pieces and wear them all together at once is what truly makes Fall the best season for showing off your preferred, personal style.
Untitled1On top of Mulholland, one of the best places for seeing the entire city as the sun goes down and the lights turn up, Wynn is wearing Bobo Choses AW14 pepper dyed LA shirt layered over an ESP No.1 mustard yellow & cream dip tank, Scotch Shrunk camo scarf, Bobo Choses AW14 distressed charcoal slim denim pants & baller red Converse high tops. Color and even pattern mixing has no boundaries when it comes to Fall…layer it up in any color combination & any patterns or prints. Fall is the perfect season for creativity!

Untitled9Bobo Choses SS14 apache fringe jacket layered over a Goat Milk NYC tank and L’Asticot striped scarf ~ accessories are everything so introduce them to your kids’ closets sooner vs later and they will wear them without even giving it a second thought. 

Untitled11Fully layered up with the addition of an Appaman AW14 leather jacket complete with faux fur collar (from the girls collection). Fur is making major style waves this Fall and not just for the girls. We are spotting fur draped over leather being worn on the streets of LA on a daily basis and we love it! 



Untitled6For outfit inspiration and where to find these or similar pieces, click on the image below to be instantly transported. 


Our next Feeling Fall style will include layering for those that live in Brrr….Chicago, you’re whose got next! 

Written by Shannon Goldberg

Modeled by Wynn Goldberg

*Our favorite online resource for getting our Bobo Choses fix is Shan and Toad, please visit them here. For sizing reference, Wynn is wearing 6/7 in the LA shirt; 8/9 in the Apache Jacket & 8/9 in the denim slim pants. 


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Lighting up Hollywood nights at House of Blues

Music as most of you have become to know about our family, is an essential part of our “existence” in the real world. As a child I can vividly recall many nights filled with my parents having friends over and my dad playing out the roll of record player dj with anything from Elvis to Bob Seger. Also as a child we were rarely kept out of dining in restaurants with my parents and frequently partook in large family gatherings at various restaurants that always included music, laughter and the occasional adult antics. 

We had been wanting to take Wynn to his first live music event for awhile now, especially after introducing our 3 older children to Fleetwood Mac when the youngest was 9, so when an old friend from high school posted on Facebook that not only does he live in LA but is also in 2 bands (Bo & the Bluesdrivers and Judge Jackson) was playing an All-Ages show at House of Blues Hollywood we jumped on it as our greenlight for go! 
hob3aFor his first blues event, my little hipster wore 3dreamers Keep Dreaming tank from Tough Cookies Childrens Boutique, Appaman mod suit blazer in mist, Scotch Shrunk Strummer Spirit denim & Vans sk8 hi. 


hob2aThe experience left him inspired and tonight he will be introduced to Jazz! My friend, JJ Garcia (he’s the extremely talented drummer) even gifted Wynn with a set of his own drumsticks which Wynn quickly took to banging on every surface available. 

hobaAs a parent, I personally feel that it is vital to keep music and any form of the arts in general in tact and beyond the preschool instrument toys. Easy introductions to live music such as this event and encouraging self expression (dance and sing with them even if everyone stares) is so important in developing their little sense of self. Music is freedom, Music is life and above all Music is love. 

Written by Shannon Goldberg


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Lonesome dreams of fashion, meet Blu Pony Vintage

bpv2Timeless style with a direct focus on heirloom quality, that is the inspiration behind Pasadena, CA based Blu Pony Vintage. Owner & designer, Bonnie Matthews stirs up the ghosts from days gone by and brings them to the front of modern day fashion. Impeccably designed and created to fit as all high style fashion should.

bpv7Wynn is wearing Blu Pony Vintage Mel O. vest in Vintage Denim Stripe fabric with a tan check back over La Miniatura yellow tuxedo shirt, Scotch Shrunk slimfit chinos dressed up with Blu Pony Vintage Black/Beige striped braces and Crewcuts straw fedora & wingtips.

bpv3For a more casual look, we replaced the tuxedo shirt with a simple ribbed tank by American Apparel in creme versus stark white to keep the mood nostalgic. Blu Pony Vintage makes it possible for old stars of fashion to weave their way through to the younger generation that is poised to represent them and carry on the legacy of high style childrens wear. 


bpv4The strong man, an instantly recognizable character from the very far past. Keeping the fashion focus on the children themselves, Blu Pony Vintage includes a very small and particular set of graphics for their 100% super soft cotton tees. Wynn is wearing their previous season Strong Man tee with Crewcuts railstripe chino shorts dressed up with Blu Pony Vintage Black/Beige striped braces & Dr. Martens kids Delaney boots. 


bpv6Blu Pony Vintage is offering our readers $10 off any order at their online site, click here to shop and enter in code PSKBLU14 at checkout. Also follow them on Instagram by clicking here or on Facebook here for updates on new collections and seasonal clearance sales. 

Written by Shannon Goldberg

*for sizing reference, Wynn is wearing size 6yr in all Blu Pony Vintage items and is 47″ tall. La Miniatura yellow tuxedo shirt is available as a special order through The Boys Store



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Human Nature with a Bite of Spring Style

Wynn, much like myself, is a natural born nature lover. He simply cannot stand having four walls holding him back from whatever the day’s adventure holds. With our weather cooperating nicely we took some of our favorite Spring fashion designers out for some fresh air. La Miniatura’s deeply saturated yellow tuxedo shirt (available as a special order at The Boys Store) won us over last year when we first spotted it at the Children’s Club ENK in NYC and we are thrilled to finally have it by the shirttails! It is by far one of the most versatile button-downs to command space in Wynn’s closet! Extremely soft, non-constricting and he was reluctant about taking it off after our photos.
maala7For one of the most casual-cool city heartbeat looks ever, we paired it with Zara’s distressed denim and MAA dark navy Bucks high top kicks. Buttery soft leather with the ease of a slip-on, Wynn was instantly won over with MAA. We had originally pinned several of MAA Shoes styles on our My Two Feet Pinterest board over a year ago but had never experienced them for ourselves until now. True to size with the perfect width and flexibility for those ever-growing feet, this will definitely not be our only pair!



maala6For an interesting spin on the tuxedo shirt we tested it out with our Bit’z Kids aztec printed gauze shorts (currently sold out online) and our number one pick for Spring outerwear, Appaman’s Barracuda jacket. Pop the collar and create a preppy punk style that’s all their own!

maala8For it’s true intentions and when it’s time to bring on the fancy, La Miniatura’s tuxedo shirt lives in perfect harmony with Appaman’s Mod Suit and Mini Rodini robot-printed bow tie. With or without the Mod blazer, this is the look that is perfect for every Spring/Summer formal event and beyond and yes they can wear high tops especially when they are clean, sleek & stylish!



maala10On a most-interesting note, after we took our photos we explored the creek bed and found the skull of what we now know was previously a raccoon! Wynn was absolutely thrilled and declared himself an official “Bone Hunter” for the day, skipping off with the pure childhood excitement of sharing his unusual find with his neighborhood friends!

maala11For more information on the designers featured, please visit them by clicking on their highlighted links. For up to date action on us you can always find us on Instagram here, Facebook here or if you’re in the mood to explore over 17k pins from fashion to fabulous decor and more, come join us on Pinterest here.

Written by Shannon Goldberg


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Chambray Supernova – Appaman Style

mod13We spent our 1st day of Spring under a blanket of snow but old man winter has been given his eviction notice and we have chosen to close our eyes & dream of the smell of freshly cut grass, the sweet sound of the birds singing & much warmer temperatures. The forecast for Spring style based on many kids fashion collections that we have gushed over is deeply saturated colors with very few pastels being seen. Great news for those of us, like myself, who actually prefer the dark over the light. Having said all this, the lightest shade (sans white) we are connecting with for our own Spring/Summer wardrobe is chambray – an almost denim-washed out sorta blue that magically meshes with every other color imaginable. As luck would have it, Appaman presents our favorite go-to Mod Suit year after year in…yes Chambray.

appaman mod suit liberty of london We are painfully aware that many of you include a suit into your kids wardrobe based solely on a special occasion coming up and once that occasion has ended the suit hangs in the dark, lonely and confused as to what it did to deserve only that one shot at success. “Saving it for Good” something my Grandmother would do and seriously, why?!? Isn’t every day a Good Day? It should also be noted that Appaman’s Mod Suit is…wait for it, Machine Washable (dry flat to retain its fabulous shape). The Fancy, presented above and the usual suspect way of wearing a suit. Wynn’s style is played out with a white Crewcuts dress shirt, Liberty of London for Crewcuts floral print tie (love) & classic Crewcuts wingtips.

mod11For those chappy fun times like trips to the museum, city exploring or even a casual afternoon lunch at a real restaurant (introduce them early to finer dining, they will thank you later when they go on their first date). We’ve styled our Appaman Mod Suit with a Bobo Choses graphic tee, black Timberland boots & added in our funky Pilot hat.

appamanSnap back to reality, this slim shady here prefers Cool, Calm & Collected. Appaman’s Mod Suit owns all three of those licks and proves it every season. We’ve put our Mod Suit blazer over a Mini & Maximus hooded tee, Zara denim jeans, Doc Marten boots & H&M baller cap.

appamanBeverly Hills or Main Street USA, for those of you that breathe the sixteen candles lifestyle this one’s for you! Appaman Mod Suit pants paired with Crewcuts pindot button down & Primigi black patent loafers. Socks or no Socks? Totally up to you, true preppies go sock free.

appamanA weekend at Bernie’s or a backyard summer bbq calls for the tropical flavor of florals. Keep it classy by still wearing your Appaman Mod Suit. Push up the sleeves, roll up the pants – we’ve styled ours with this Hawaiian-inspired number by Furious Kingston and while you can’t see his feet he is wearing his Crewcuts wingtips with the pants rolled up – twice!

scotch shrunkThe dock of the bay, afternoon walks on the beach (still too cold to swim) or an outing with the grandparents (take me to the zoo please), we all know how much the grandparents love to see your kids in something other than a tee & jeans. Spiff them up and maybe they will take them out more often (score!). Wynn wears the pants (pun intended) with his Scotch Shrunk C’Mon floral print tee, Milk & Soda straw fedora with Livie & Luca sandals.

6 ways to wear it… stop saving it for good! Our favorite boutique since 2008 for Appaman is The Boys Store and they are currently offering 35% off all New Spring Arrivals (including Appaman’s mod suit) with code Spring14. Tell them we sent ya.

*for sizing reference, Wynn is wearing a size 7 Appaman Mod Suit (wee bit roomy however ours will not feel the warmth of Spring until May which is when us blokes in the Midwest actually have “spring” temps).



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Feeling Fall – Style Inspiration

Fall is by far the best season for Fashion & with our temps cooperating nicely we had the opportunity to go out & have a little fun with some of our favorite pieces from Wynn’s closet. At the end, please take a minute to be introduced to the photographer that took these photos. He’s one heck of an amazing young man that I am proud to know & a true inspiration to others, including myself.

Scotch Shrunk NY crew neck sweater with patches; Scotch Shrunk felpa tunnel scarf; Crewcuts camo slim chino; Crewcuts anchor belt; Crewcuts classic wing tips.

Scotch Shrunk plaid snap down; Scotch Shrunk oil-wash artwork tee with rugby striped beanie; Scotch Shrunk slim chino; Crewcuts anchor belt; Next brogue lace up boots.

Stella McCartney lee jacket; La Miniatura born free hoodie; Bit’z Kids waxed skinny pants; Dr. Martens boots.

Photographing children is never an easy task, while I usually do it myself, for these photos I enlisted the help of 17yr old Jacob Kuziela. In the past, Jacob’s main subjects were non-moving, still & didn’t speak. He did a phenomenal job & displayed an extreme amount of patience with Wynn. Everyone has a story and I am thrilled to share Jacob’s with you!

At 13 years old, Jacob lost his father to cancer. Since that time he has wanted every single second of every day captured forever.  As Jacob himself told me when I asked how he decided to start taking pictures, he said “I was always interested in photography, the way certain things looked when it was captured. One night I was taking the garbage can up and the sky just looked so gorgeous and I wanted to be able to keep that image forever. My pictures aren’t just pictures, they’re memories. I asked for a camera for Christmas and I got one and what ensued is many months of me expressing who I am with my photography.” I am so proud to call Jacob my friend. He is a true & genuine inspiring young man whom I see having a remarkable future in photography or anything else he sets out to do.

Written by Shannon Everett-Goldberg

Photography by Jacob Kuziela

For more information on the fashion featured, please visit their respective websites at:

Scotch & Soda –

Jcrew/Crewcuts –

La Miniatura –

Stella McCartney Kids –

Bit’z Kids –

Next –

Dr. Marten –




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Fresh Ink Giveaway with Tattyoo!

Tattyoo, a connoisseur of temporary art tattoos, is located in Switzerland.  With over 31 artists on-board, they produce crispy creative wearable artwork for kids & adults. All of the colorants they use are completely non-toxic & FDA certified.

The artists that Tattyoo collaborates with each get a direct cut of every tattoo they sell. Hands in the air for supporting the creative geniuses!! Each pack includes 2 of the same design and are easily applied with just water & a small amount of pressure.

Depending on the location you choose, Tattyoo temporary tattoos typically last 5-8 days and can easily be removed with baby oil or nail polish remover (not that anyone would ever WANT to remove them).

As a special treat for our POP readers, Tattyoo is giving away ONE COMPLETE SET of temporary art tattoos! The designs included are all shown above on Wynn for a total of 10 tattoos in the loveliest of gift boxes! See our Rafflecopter widget below to enter & Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For more information & to shop now, please visit their website at

Written by Shannon Everett-Goldberg


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