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All Good Things are Wild & Free…

This is a call out to all you fashion angels. The ones who are inspired by, thrilled by & sent over the moon by fashion. The passion and the struggle is real. For this pictorial we present some of our favorite quotes because in nature is where Wynn is most comfortable and sometimes I can almost hear quotes like these speaking from his eyes. Maybe it’s the Native American in him or maybe he is just an old soul.

Either way at the end of this pictorial we have included a very special surprise for you. Apple-Baby store is giving away 3 amazing Popupshop items! 3 winners will be chosen by Rafflecopter, who is very particular about those who do not follow all the rules so please make sure that you do! 
popupshop, moi, birkenstock, boysfashion“The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hands of man”. Wynn wears Moi Kidz yellow tank top,  Popupshop canvas army pants & Birkenstocks.

moikidz, moi, popupshop, applebabystore, birkenstock, boysfashion“All good things are wild and free”. Added to Wynn’s outfit is a Popupshop splash print hoodie.

popupshop, moikidz, boysfashion, boysclothing“I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees”.

popupshop, laminiatura, dolceandgabana“Not all those who wander are lost”. Wynn is wearing La Miniatura foil tee, Popupshop lion baggy leggings, Popupshop marble print socks & Dolce & Gabbana shoes.popupshop, laminiatura, dolcegabbana

popupshop, dolceandgabbana, boys, shoes

popupshop, bobochoses, waves, boysfashion“The world is yours to explore”. Popupshop dolphin tee, Bobo Choses wave print shorts.

popupshop, applebabystore, bobochoses, shanandtoad

popupshop, bobochoses

popupshop, bobochoses, boysfashion

popupshop, miniandmaximus, birkenstocks“Throw me to the wolves and I will return leading the pack”. Popupshop panda sweatshirt, Mini & Maximus sticks & stones shorts, Popupshop marble socks, Birkenstocks.

popupshop, miniandmaximus, boysfashion, raybanjunior

applebabystore, miniandmaximus, popupshop, bodegainternational

popupshop, applebaby, miniandmaximus, sticksandstones, birkenstock

moi, moikidz, applebaby, boysfashion“In a gentle way you can shake the world”. Moi Kidz pullover hoodie, Moi Kidz baggy pants.

moikidz, moi, bodegainternational, vans, boysfashion“The earth has music for those who listen”.

moikidz, moi, boys, ravens, losangelesFor shopping Popupshop, Moi Kidz and more, please visit apple-baby store & also follow them on facebook here and on instagram by clicking here

Links are provided on all other designer fashion, click to locate them. Below is the gateway to enter our Popupshop giveaway, click thru the requirements and play nice. 3 winners will be selected randomly by Rafflecopter to be gifted a Popupshop Panda Sweatshirt, Popupshop Panda Dress or Popupshop Tiger Sweatshirt. Winner will select size. 


Shannon & Wynn

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Tales from Instagram Land

We sure do miss our Tumblr account, it is there where we used to be able to share all of our instagram shots with the entire world. Since it was shut down we have decided to start a new weekly series entitled, “Tales from Instagram Land” for everyone that may not have access to Instagram (or has filtered internet like several of our international friends).

duke of london, SONS

Coming up tomorrow, the newest collection from Duke of London launches. Be prepared for SONS to make some major thunder and yes you will want every piece!

gap, gap kids, la miniatura, vans

Saturdays were made for dancing! Wynn started his first Jazz class today and loved it! He stayed comfy cool in his Gap Kids hoodie, La Miniatura ombre slub sweats & classic Vans.

la miniatura, rowen christian, new balance, boysfashion

Friday school style in La Miniatura plaid sherpa blazer, La Miniatura printed oxford, Rowen Christian slim denim & New Balance.

appaman, pitbull, boysfashion, newyork, primigi

Our Throwback Thursday with Wynn & his friend Louie. I Love NYC tee direct from an NYC street vendor, Appaman mod suit pants, Primigi loafers, RayBan Jr. aviators.

mini & maximus, shampoodle, dr.martens, boysfashion

Mornings in LA are cool! Mini & Maximus crew sweat, Shampoodle denim, Dr. Martens & jacket by Nordstrom.

good ideas

bobo choses, la miniatura, naturino, boysfashion

The better you dress the worse you can behave. School days in Bobo Choses, La Miniatura & Naturino monk strap shoes.

zara, haas, h&m, la miniatura, boys fashion

Encounters with Costco for the first time. La Miniatura checked jacket, Zara Liberty tee, Haas T sweats, H&M hightops, hat by Knuckleheads, Dagger necklace by Cesare Paciotti.

la miniatura, malibu, boysfashion

Malibu style in La Miniatura dip dye plaid & La Miniatura dip dye seersucker.

amiki children, plaid, flannel, pajamas

An excellent night’s sleep compliments of supersoft plaid flannel pajamas by Amiki Children.

Have a wonderful new week! Explore a new style on your own kids – Punk one day, Preppy the next! 

Shannon & Wynn Goldberg

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Shampoodle Spring 2014 – The Naive Collection

sham14aComing for Spring/Summer 2014, Shampoodle delights us once again with their bold choice of colors and eye-candy prints. The Naïve Collection is a story of an unknown artist whose work became recognized by Picasso. Widely criticized, Henri Julien Rousseau, was in part a French post-impressionist painter frequently referred to as “naïve” and his paintings labeled as “childlike”. Shampoodle has taken the late Rousseau’s imagination and placed it onto walking billboards of fashion style.sham14f



Sweeps of the lush jungle prints that Rousseau was indeed famous for can be found on several of Shampoodle’s pieces. In addition, signature Shampoodle can also be seen throughout the entire collection in their mainstay satin pieces, funky button-front denim & staple tracksuits. The addition of fringe and     bi-color leggings for this collection is  what sets it apart.

Shampoodle is and always has been completely co-ed with the exception of a few select pieces & also includes an adult line for those of us that want a little ‘poodle of our own.

For more images & to view Shampoodle’s current collection, please visit them at

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Postcards from California – Style Inspiration

Southern California is weird when it comes to their weather, similar to where we live so with our layering skills in-tact we brought along our favorite layering options for fancy to casual cool style.


Airplane travel attire for Wynn included an easy to spot Paul Smith Junior multi-colored shirt, IKKS royal blue trousers, Paul Smith Junior Rabbit high tops (all available at MonPetit Child) and Mini Rodini leather biker jacket (available at Alex and Alexa). We swanked it up with his favorite rhino-print silk bow tie from ShopBelle. While at the LAX airport we ran into Tim Tebow! He thought Wynn had swag and we think he’s pretty cool too!



Shopping at 3rd street Promenade in Santa Monica meant another round of “stand out” style. In a sea of the same, Wynn definitely caught attention in his Shampoodle plaid Punk Pants & Vicious Wear organic cotton military sweater. For the most comfortable, easy to run in loafers – Primigi has been our #1 for years along with super fun printed socks by Bit’z Kids.

Venice Beach is like entering another universe, we could spend hours just watching the cool & interesting people that hang out there. Wynn wore his Duke of London bello hood paired with acid wash denim by Vicious Wear & his Jagged Culture straw Music print fedora. During our visit with the amazing designer behind Jagged Culture, Berlyn Valdez, she introduced us to Timberland boots. Having been long die-hard fans of Dr. Martens this was not an easy takeover but we are thrilled to report that Wynn loved them and has instantly made them his new favorites!


Active little boys are known to get dirty (or wet when they decide to run into the ocean) so we always have an extra set of style packed for Wynn. La Miniatura’s army chimp lightweight tee (available from The Boys Store) paired with Vicious Wear cool kids jeans was an easy change into.


Hanging out in Manhattan Beach calls for casual, comfortable style. Wynn wore his new tee from Made Kids paired with Czesiociuch harem pants (and his new favorite boots). For our visit to the pier, which can easily get chilly, Wynn wore his extra cozy asym sweatshirt by Mimobee, which has passed the wash & wear-ability test with flying colors and is the one sweatshirt he requests to wear over & over again, easy to move in Black dyed harems by Funky Legs & Aviator Nation beanie.

For our special evening out at the Bollare Timberland Event as invited guests by our new friend, Berlyn Valdez of Jagged Culture, Wynn fit right in with the other rockstars in his Jagged Culture drum kit tee, Shampoodle punk pants, Mini Rodini jacket & yes, of course Timberland boots.

We are excited for our upcoming move to Los Angeles, we feel right at home when it comes to our personal fashion choices and the friends we have already made there mean everything to us.

Happy Holidays friends! Share your stylish pics on our facebook wall or tag us on Instagram with #popstyle we love seeing your littles looking fabulous!


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Forever Young – Jagged Culture Kids Fashion

Last week we were on another trip to what we will be calling “home” very soon – Los Angeles, California. With friends already established in Hollywood, we rang up Berlyn Valdez, owner & designer of Jagged Culture Kids for a visit to her kids fashion boutique. We were beyond thrilled that she was available to hang out with us and give us a personal tour of her store!


Berlyn, with the addition of two talented & lovely ladies, designs & creates every single Jagged Culture piece directly on site. Each item is hand-stitched, hand-designed and done so with an ultimate desire to produce fashion that kids will love to wear. Berlyn presented Wynn with her extremely limited dinosaur hoodie which instantly had him (well us, per his demands) looking up which dinosaur belonged to the bones on his new hoodie. Inspired – Wynn was inspired by a piece of clothing. How many kids fashion brands can you say that about?!?


While visiting we also got to meet the ever faithful guard dog of Jagged Culture – Dakota! Super fluffy and extremely friendly, even Wynn who is normally timid around dogs other than his own, instantly fell in love.


Jagged Culture has in-house fashion for babies, girls & boys paired with a multitude of accessories including fedoras & rockstar jewelry. We know from our previous experience with Jagged Culture that all of their fashion pieces hold up outstandingly well wash after wash in addition to being buttery soft.


We are so happy to have made another new friend in California! We cannot wait until we make the official move and can visit Berlyn & Dakota again. We took our new dinosaur hoodie & Jagged Culture straw fedora to Venice Beach receiving mad compliments down the entire boardwalk & on the beach!

For more information on Jagged Culture Kids, please visit their website at They are also currently available on Vault and if you’re on Instagram you can follow them under

*in addition to Jagged Culture, Wynn wears Punk Pants by Shampoodle and black boots by Timberland. For Venice Beach, he wears acid wash denim by Vicious Wear .


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The Liberty Collection by Shampoodle – Only Heroes Need Apply!

With every new collection that Shampoodle of Sweden launches, there is a direct focus on creating inspiration for all those that wear it. The same holds true for their newest adventure, The Liberty Collection. Every day heroes are represented as super girls, wind surfers, ghost hunters, royal rebels, punk rockers & more. In this rendition of our Feeling Fall – Style Inspiration series, we present Shampoodle’s plaid Punk Pants & Teen Knit Sweater.


Those that know us & know us well, are not surprised to see us take Wynn into full blown punk rebel mode with these super skinny rockers. Comprised of 93% cotton 7% elastane (which is your best friend by the way), these pants are smooth, ultra sleek and above all completely comfortable. Zero complaints from the boss wearing them, so much that he wasn’t too keen on taking them off.


We are old friends with this particular plaid, Shampoodle had introduced them in a previous collection & they were then called “vicious pants” with a bit of a looser fit. Signature Shampoodle visible button fly & slant front pockets keep these pants edgy and unlike any others you will find.


Shampoodle’s smells like teen spirit, striped Knit Sweater is undeniably at the top of the classic list. Timeless in stripes. This is the sweater that years from now will still be in style and with a nod to the outstanding quality Shampoodle maintains, it will still look fresh, feel soft and wear impeccably well.


To layer or not to layer, completely based on your personal preference. We chose not to layer since there is nothing scratchy to find here – carry on.


Because we know not everyone has a rock & roll heart and may prefer preppy over punk, we switched out Wynn’s outfit to a faux-layered hoodie, cord vest & brown brogue boots proving that Shampoodle’s Punk Pants are a chameleon in style.

We encourage you to view Shampoodle’s entire Liberty Collection on their website at and before you check out our friends have given us an exclusive FREE SHIPPING code to share with you!

Enter in POPB87G3 valid now thru 11/12.  Shampoodle runs true to size & most items are 100% organic cotton and also available in Adult sizes which means you can experience the fashion of Shampoodle too!

Written by Shannon Goldberg

Photography by Samantha Goldberg/Modeled by Wynn Goldberg

*in addition to Shampoodle, Punk Rebel wears H&M biker jacket & beanie, Zara vest, Addaboy crowd pleaser tee & Dr. Martens. Kurt Cobain Jr. wears Bobo Choses trousers & suspenders, Appaman hat, Coco Jumbo boots. Prep-schooler wears Zara faux-layered hoodie, Sudo cord vest & Next brogue boots.


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Physical Graffiti with a Stairway to Summer Style

Recently a Gary, Indiana (King of POP Michael Jackson’s hometown) Art Center invited several graffiti artists to come to it’s city and paint the town red literally.  Graffiti artists from NYC, Chicago as well as those local to Gary spent an entire weekend turning the walls of various buildings in the Miller Beach section of Gary into serious works of art.  One drive down Lake Street which leads directly to Lake Michigan, produces an eye-popping burst of imagination, color & soulful creativity.

We jumped at this opportunity to photograph various Summer styles against these incredibly awesome backdrops.

As budget cuts across the country continue to erase the very existence of the Arts in public schools, murals like these could easily become extinct in the future.

From masked super heroes to Mickey Mouse, if you are within driving distance to Gary, Indiana we highly encourage you to come see these for yourself.

Cool, calm & collected ~ that is our Summer Style code and with fabulous designers such as the ones featured here, it’s extremely easy to attain.

Release the fear of white, especially for those more than casual occasions. Inject small amounts of color in all-white outfits for a look that is clean & chic.

Celebrate the Arts, encourage your Little to draw, paint, color & create!

Wynn wears: #1 ~ La Miniatura tiger tee; Mini & Maximus shorts; American Apparel retro socks; Doc Marten boots. #2 ~ Shampoodle snake hoodie; Mini & Maximus tee;  Zara denim shorts;  American Apparel socks, Vans. #3 ~ NicoNico tank; Duke of London airy denim pants; Minnetonka mocs.  #4 ~ Tom & Drew tuxedo shirt;  Pinco Pallino vest; Imps & Elfs shorts; L’Asticot striped scarf; Feiyue classic hightops.

Share your Summer Style with us! Post your photos onto our Facebook page we would be thrilled to see them!

Written by Shannon Everett-Goldberg


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Feeling the Fashion of Shampoodle SS13 Collection

Shampoodle Sweden unveiled their Spring/Summer 2013 fashion collection with a boom-boom & a direct nod to the ’70s & ’80s ~ instantly appealing to us and our guest contributors on POP Street Kidz!  We were given the super fantastic opportunity to purchase any of our favorites prior to them being released on Shampoodle’s website & thought we’d share how fabulous they are on our own Littles!

For Wynn, I had selected Shampoodle’s Lounge Pants in Silver, Quilt Jacket also in Silver, Pliskin (snake print) hoodie, Tubbs Shirt in Black, Yellow swimmies (not pictured) & 2 Shampoodle logo web belts in Black & Yellow.

Amy selected Shampoodle’s Bollywood Pants in Black for Asia & also their Lounge Pants in Dusty Rose (not pictured).

Stephanie also chose Shampoodle’s Bollywood Pants in Black for James.

We were all in agreement that every item fit perfectly, was constructed of pure softness and hit every single style mark we look for when outfitting our own Littles! In case you missed our previous editorial on Shampoodle’s SS13 Collection, you can still view it here by clicking on this link

To view Shampoodle’s entire collection, please visit them at and if you are already in possession of their fabulous clothing, they are currently running a Shampoodle Best Dressed contest now thru June 2nd ~ for all the details on how to enter click here

Written by Shannon Everett-Goldberg in collaboration with Stephanie Ballard & Amy Lewis


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Down the Rabbit Hole with Shampoodle’s Wonderland!

In continuation with our Spring/Summer ’13 trend editorials, we present Shampoodle’s The Wonderland Collection!  But first, since we were without any knowledge of what fantastic inspiration was behind this extensive collection, we decided to pop on down the rabbit hole with Jakob & the gang at Shampoodle to try and figure this masterpiece out!

Satin pants & jackets, Snake print cardis & leggings along with a very strong late ’70’s rainbow vibe came over us and before we knew it we were singing “Can You Feel It” by the Jackson 5!  With no sign of any Alice in sight & upon further concentration of the vibrant melee of pinks, peaches, blues, oranges & yellows all swirled up together we were instantly transported to the sandy beaches of California ~ Hang Ten, Shaun Cassidy, Rollerderby, the movie Foxes & freedom!! This entire Wonderland Collection is in fact a wonderful   deja vu of a carefree, wild & adventurous childhood we once had ~ the kind where we literally lived off the wall with zero inhibitions about letting our original sense of style shine. There were no rules then and Shampoodle is bringing back the boogie for boys & girls everywhere!

Shampoodle continues to maintain their co-ed fashion forum with virtually every piece (minus skirts & 1pc swimsuits) made available to both genders equally.

Skating onto the scene, wide striped tees, skirts & pants echo Rollerderby uniforms of the past.  Simple yet right in line with what will be the style for Spring & Summer 2013.True to my midwestern heart and always appropriate during anytime of the year, Black ~ the color that balances it all (alongside white of course!) Mandarin collared shirts present a much more polished appearance yet at the same time unexpectedly casual. Loose-fitting harem-style pants have been on our style hit-list for months now & Shampoodle’s are not to be overlooked!

And here comes the rainbow…if you weren’t feeling this collection by now, slather up your lips with old-fashioned LipSmackers, start snapping those fingers and let’s all sing Lollipop Lollipop!

Now stop!! Two colors ~ Orange & Yellow.  Completely co-ed yet constantly being fed to us consumers as For Girls Only.  Break the cycle, kickstart the revolution and welcome these 2 colors into your son’s wardrobes this Summer.  If this is a new introduction, they will be thrilled to have more than just green or blue to choose from & if it’s old hat, then rock on fashion liberals!

Our trip thru Shampoodle’s Wonderland has now ended but the fun has just begun ~ Shampoodle is giving away TWO of their extremely versatile & oh so fabulous Plum Tracksuits!  Winners will choose their size from euro 90 thru 130, Enter below & Good Luck!

For more information & to few previous collections still available online, please visit Shampoodle’s website at

Written by Shannon Everett-Goldberg

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