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Lighting up Hollywood nights at House of Blues

Music as most of you have become to know about our family, is an essential part of our “existence” in the real world. As a child I can vividly recall many nights filled with my parents having friends over and my dad playing out the roll of record player dj with anything from Elvis to Bob Seger. Also as a child we were rarely kept out of dining in restaurants with my parents and frequently partook in large family gatherings at various restaurants that always included music, laughter and the occasional adult antics. 

We had been wanting to take Wynn to his first live music event for awhile now, especially after introducing our 3 older children to Fleetwood Mac when the youngest was 9, so when an old friend from high school posted on Facebook that not only does he live in LA but is also in 2 bands (Bo & the Bluesdrivers and Judge Jackson) was playing an All-Ages show at House of Blues Hollywood we jumped on it as our greenlight for go! 
hob3aFor his first blues event, my little hipster wore 3dreamers Keep Dreaming tank from Tough Cookies Childrens Boutique, Appaman mod suit blazer in mist, Scotch Shrunk Strummer Spirit denim & Vans sk8 hi. 


hob2aThe experience left him inspired and tonight he will be introduced to Jazz! My friend, JJ Garcia (he’s the extremely talented drummer) even gifted Wynn with a set of his own drumsticks which Wynn quickly took to banging on every surface available. 

hobaAs a parent, I personally feel that it is vital to keep music and any form of the arts in general in tact and beyond the preschool instrument toys. Easy introductions to live music such as this event and encouraging self expression (dance and sing with them even if everyone stares) is so important in developing their little sense of self. Music is freedom, Music is life and above all Music is love. 

Written by Shannon Goldberg


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